October 23, 2014

IBIZA, SPAIN {Travel Diary}

Hello there lovelies, 

Do you wanna day dream about laying out on a beautiful beach today? Then keep scrolling!
 A flight from Barcelona to Ibiza was about 25 minutes or not even- maybe less. 
You are up in the air, getting all comfy and then you land. Lol!
 I really loved Ibiza. (See picture above.) You can easily get lost because of all the tiny roads. I don't know how cars drive through these teeny tiny streets. Thank God I didn't drive there, or I would have probably taken out a few tourists. Apparently (we didn't know this) Ibiza is PARTY CENTRAL. Clubbers from all over the world come and get sh**t faced and party for days. The clubs are HUGE and super expensive to get into. There was a party the night we arrived but it was $85 euros to get in- that's about $110 US dollars.  It's called a "Closing Party" because they literally shut down the island and open up till next summer. Their form of hibernation. 

I thought this was ironic considering my husband and I are total poopers. By ten o'clock at night we are in our pajamas ready to go to bed. Fortunately for us- because it was the end of the season there were a lot older people relaxing and enjoying the beaches. 
 This was a door to a flat. Seriously, how cute! (I took this picture just for my mom because she LOVES green and I knew she would appreciate this door.)
 I took these pics outside of our hotel. They had an amazing garden of bright, colorful flowers. 
We stayed in a town called San Antonio. A 20 minute bust ride from there took us directly to the Port of Ibiza. There is a huge castle right in the center of the city. It's amazing to me how old these structures are and how they've held up for so long. 
This castle also overlooks the sea. Below: Sitting on the edge of castle's wall. 
Farmers Market.
Playa Cala Bassa
Our view from the hotel. 
It was my first time seeing these huge rock formations in the middle of the ocean. 
It's picturesque. 
There are so many hues of blue. If the sun is out, the more blue the water becomes. 
Cala Conta Beach
No words. It was mesmerizing. 
Though the water was freezing I decided to take a dip in the Mediterranean sea. I wanted to gracefully, slowly walk into water and instead slipped off a rock and fell right into the water. I scraped my finger and was bleeding!! My husband calls it my Ibiza battle wound. Lol! #clumsylady
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Have a wonderful weekend. 


Ivonne Stacy. 

October 21, 2014

Barcelona, Spain TRAVEL DIARY

Hello! Hello! 

It's been a while. Yes, it has. 

If you follow me on Instagram you know I've been super busy! The hubby and I came back from Spain about a week ago. Right after the trip, I had to coordinate my very first conference for my firm. Let's just say its been CRAZY/ hectic. I am now thankful and grateful for the quiet moments. 

Anyway, it's a tradition for me to share my traveling experiences with you here on the blog. So lets begin! 


 First Stop: Barcelona, Spain
 We arrived in Barcelona early in the am. The flight was long! About 10 hours in total from Dallas to Barcelona, Spain. 
We rented an apartment in Barcelona (Airbnb.com is the bomb!) It was tiny, but super efficient and great location. Oh and it had wifi. Very important. 
 When we first arrived we took a power nap because that jet lag is killer. Then we took a cab to the Olympic park (see above). It's beautiful. The beach is so serene and relaxing. There is rows of restaurants and palm trees. 
 Here's hubby and I taking selfless, lol! You just have to right? These are our excited faces. 
 The night creeped up on us! While we were exploring the city, we stumbled upon a local fair. There was a huge Ferris wheel and all kinds of games and rides. Of course, we had to ride on the Ferris wheel. (Side note: I hate rides. I can't even ride the merry-go-round without getting sick.) I built up the courage to get on but I almost did get sick. That wouldn't have been pretty. 
 The only part I enjoyed about getting on the Ferris wheel was the amazing pictures I took of the city.
 CHURROS- mmmm!!! So delicious. They fill them with cream or Nutella and oh my goodness- they are finger licking good. 
 The next morning hubby and I decided to take a tour of the Barcelona Stadium. He is a huge soccer fan and this was a must on our to-visit list. I'm not gonna lie, I enjoyed it too. It was a pretty cool experience. 
   We had the opportunity to see the locker rooms, press room, and walk around the field.
Below: The Sagrada Familia.
It's breathtaking. They began to build this church in 1882 and still continues. That's why you see cranes all around. You can totally tell what parts are new and what parts are older.
There is so much detail that you can sit there for hours and just admire it.
One of Spains most famous Architects, Antoni Gaudi, also added his vision and works to this church. 
Below: These are called the Nativity Facades. It celebrates the birth of Jesus. Just amazing. 
Continuing on… 
This is just a pic of a cool building. The architecture in Spain is spectacular.
A visit to Casa MilĂ , popularly known as ‘La Pedrera’ (the stone quarry), gives us a better understanding and appreciation of architecture and take us to the period when Antoni GaudĂ­ lived.
Yep, that is a huge gaping hole in the center of the home. 
These large creations by Gaudi are on the roof top. They overlook the city and give you amazing views of the ocean.
Below: Another one of his alluring projects. 
Check out our ride to the Monjuic Castle. Pretty cool, eh? 
This aerial lift takes you up Barcelona's Montjuic Mountain. 
Once up top, you arrive to the castle. The beautifully manicured lawn is not what I expected. But those huge cannons overlooking the sea were pretty rad. 
I can't even imagine way back in the day when they would shoot those at incoming invaders. 
Now they just sit there, quietly overlooking the sea.
Below: I took this picture from the hotels roof top. That bullet shaped building is called- Torre Agbar. 
It's not only striking at night but in the daylight too. 
It was extremely difficult going through all my pictures to just pick ten. 
I know, I went a little overboard with 20 but regardless, I really hope you enjoyed them. 
Ibiza is coming up next! 

See you soon Loves. 

September 26, 2014

Burgundy. Maroon. Oxblood. ROMPER

Happy Friday Loves,

Whatever color you want to identify it with….
Burgundy. Maroon. Oxblood. Deep Red. It's a ROMPER.
The Texas heat continues, so all I can do is wear Fall colors, but not Fall clothing just yet.
Check out the look:

Michael Antonio Heels. F21 romper, bag and body chain.
I pray you all have a wonderful weekend. 

See you guys when I get back from Spain!

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September 23, 2014

FALL Red Plaid + Black Hat


It's been a crazy busy week and it's only Tuesday. Lord have mercy. 

My husband and I are literally counting down the days because we leave to Spain on Sunday. If you know me well, you know I love to travel. Especially to new places and especially with my best friend in the whole wide world- the hubby. 
Ahhh!!! So friggin excited. 

Anyway, enough of about me, lets talk about this outfit. I found this dress at F21 and loved it. But you know what I loved more? The price!!! It was only 13.99. What a great deal, right?! This plaid little number screams Fall. I knew that I wanted to pair it with a black hat, but I didn't have a hat. See, I suffer from big a** head. Hats never fit me right because I have a huge knocker. Yep, it's true. 
Fortunately, I hit the jackpot and found this hat at Urban Outfitters and it fits just right.
Check out the look:  
 What am I wearing? 
F21 dress only 13 bucks! Anne Michele heels. Aldo necklace. Urban Outfitters hat
RIP dainty little necklace. I broke it!!! :( 
See you on Friday with another #OOTD.

Have a wonderful week. 

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