March 27, 2015

Ivonne Stacy's House of Turquoise

Hola Hola and Happy Friday,

As you know, my husband and I sold our first home almost a year ago. I cannot believe it's already been that long. We have started house hunting again, but OH MAN... The market is rough and there is no inventory.

We are praying for the right home, at the right price and I know the Lord won't let us down. 

Also, I finally had a chance to work on our old home pictures and create a video.
I love home decor!! (A lot!) For fun, I love to walk around Homegoods and browse at all the home decor.

I am new to making videos so bear with me. The video is a compilation of images from my first home. Enjoy!

Have a great week.


Ivonne Stacy.

March 18, 2015

BELIZE {Travel Diary}

Beautiful BELIZE!
Don't worry if you don't speak Spanish because their official language is English. They also speak Belizean Creole and obviously, Spanish too. 
I didn't know this until we parked in the middle of the ocean, but Belize does not have a port. 
There waters are too shallow for the large cruise ships, so they park off the coast of Belize.Tender boats pick you up from the cruise ship and take you to Belize. Then from Belize bring you back to the cruise ship. The ride each way is about twenty minutes. 
Tender boat parking station. 
The souvenirs in Belize are NOT cheap. It's actually pretty pricey. If you want to buy souvenirs- wait till you get to Mexico. It was the cheapest of all three destinations. 
When we arrived on Belize land, we asked around for an affordable excursion. We opted for a round trip to Goff's Caye with a guided snorkeling trip and all you can drink Rum Punch- $40. (I don't drink but my Dad enjoyed it :) Goff's Caye is an unspoiled little island, only 1.2 acres. You can walk from one side to another in a few minutes. 
The sea was a little rough that day, so snorkeling was not the best. 
I will say that the water was beautiful. You can simply layout and stare at it all day. 
For $12 bucks you get two lobster tails, arroz moro (rice with black beans), corn and some lime. OMG! That is the best lobster I have ever had in my life. I am not a huge fan of lobster because the texture is so chewy, but this was so GOOD. Fresh and not even close to being chewy. 
My bathing suit is from Target.
My sunglasses are Ray Ban and my dress is from Agaci. You guys know I love a good bargain! I found this dress for only three dollars. Woot woot!
And that my friends was Belize. 

Have you guys visited Belize before? Let me know in the comments :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 


Ivonne Stacy. 

March 16, 2015

Spring BLOOM + Face Paint

Hi Loves,

I came across this beautiful picture of a model with a flower crown in a magazine and it really inspired me.
 It looked so fresh, beautiful and reminded me that Spring is just around corner.
I wanted to do my own version and also share with you my make up for this impromptu DIY photo-shoot. 
I purchased the flower headband at F21 for about six dollars. Here is the one I am wearing and some other beautiful options:

Face Paint:
1. Foundation Infallible Pro-Matte (Loreal). It was my first time using it, and I loved it. The consistency was nice, not too thick and full coverage.
2. Covergirl powder all over my face.
3. Contoured my face and highlighted with Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour kit.
4. Eyeshadows from my Naked 2 palette. 
5.  Curled my eyelashes and added my fave- Telescopic Shocking mascara. I am also wearing Ardell's Natural Lash. 
6. Then I concealed my dark circles with The Body Shop concealer and my Maybelline concealer.  
7. Added winged liner with with Infallible The Super Slim liquid eyeliner. 
8. Gave life to my eyebrows with Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade in Dark Chocolate.
9. Liquid Lipstick: Dose of Colors- Merlot
Wow! I received this lippy from my sister-in-law for Christmas and it is amazing. The formula is smooth and matte. It is not drying and lasts forever and ever. LOVE it!!! 
Don't forget to tag me if you have your own impromptu photo-shoot too!

Have an awesome rest of the week.


Ivonne Stacy.

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February 27, 2015

Rotan, Honduras {Travel Diary}

Hi Guys!!

In January we took a seven day cruise to the Caribbean. Our destinations were Roatan, Honduras, Belize and Cozumel. We traveled on the Carnival Magic cruise ship. It's a beautiful floating city. 
We've traveled to Cozumel before but it was our first time visiting Honduras and Belize. 
I LOVE to travel to new places, so I was super excited.

{WARNING: Picture Overload} 

First stop...Roatan, Honduras
 Docking Port:
(Above) Roatan's Port. It's a whole bunch of shops and guest services.
(Below)View of Mahogany Beach from the cruise ship.
 Round trip on the chair lifts per person is $12.
The views are spectacular and totally worth the twelve bucks. 
We usually don't buy excursions on the ship because you pay a premium price. When we got off the boat we walked towards the guest services and there they were offering round trip transportation and access to Bananarama Beach Resort for $22 per person.
 About a 45 minute drive from Mahogany Bay is West Bay Beach were the resort is located. The bus drops you off on the side of the road and you walk towards the ocean.....Then you see this beauty. The clear turquoise blue water is hypnotizing. 
(Above) We arrived at the beach before the swarm of tourists arrived. In case you were wondering about my  people-free pictures.
(Below) That is an actual tiki boat/ bar. They pulled up to the beach and people could either swim up to it or they would pick you up on a jet ski. Pretty cool.
 We spent the whole day enjoying West Bay Beach. Once we were back on the boat there was an amazing sunset waiting for us.
Carnival is known for their towel creations. Here are just a few I wanted to share with you. 
FOOD!!!! My husband and I are huge foodies. We love to eat at different places and try new cuisines. Here's just a few of our dinners on the ship. Steak, lobster, pasta, shrimp.....
In our cabin we had a ocean view. If you look closely on the left side there is a small sign.
 Guess what it says??? 
And you know me, I had to be a rebel...Not only did  I sit there, but I also took a picture, lol!
I am snowed in today, so I figured I would work on this post. I hope you guys enjoyed it and maybe inspires you to go on your own adventures too. 
Oh and before I forget...The people from Roatan are wonderful. Everyone was so kind and helpful. The children working on the beach stole our hearts. We tried our best to help out as many as we could. God bless them. 

Have a wonderful weekend. 


Ivonne Stacy.