May 7, 2010

Fridays Outfit of the Day

Time flies! I cannot believe it is already Friday! But thank God it is! J Anyway, just wanted to give you sneak peak to what I am wearing today. It’s a little different but close enough. (Will post pics asap.)

FASHION must have of the day:

I love turquoise! I love the color, the details in each rock, uniqueness, and it can add so much flare to an outfit! Put on a White T-shirt with blue jeans and a turquoise necklace is all you need to look chic. One of my favorite combinations of turquoise is this pic of Eva Mendez at the Golden Globes. Absolutely stunning! The one I am wearing today my boyfriend actually gave to me as gift. If you don’t have one be sure to get one, it is definitely a must have accessory piece. (Tip: It is a timeless piece that can passed down your children.)

Have a wonderful weekend!