August 13, 2010

Ruched Sleeves

Happy Friday Chicas!!! My outfit of the day is simple :) It is a black skirt  from Forever 21. Definitely another  must have in your closet, you can wear this with pretty much anything, really flexible. A striped blue and black F21 shirt with awesome ruched sleeves. For some reason I am really attracted to the ruched sleeves right now, love it! Cool gold necklace from F21. And last but not least my awesome black high top sandals from Asos. They are not only unique and cute but really comfortable! Hope you enjoy! I wanted to thank you guys for taking time and visiting my blog :) Specially for your nice comments! Thank you so much!

Have a blessed weekend!



  1. cute asos sandals! and f21 is definitely amazing, soo many great pieces there! Since your in Dallas like me I'm sure you've visited Northparks f21, its my favv! :D

  2. Hayley thanks for your comments! Yes, I love all the F21s lol :)


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