October 1, 2010

Loving Bachata

Happy Friday Ladies!

Going out this weekend, have a party to attend? You can really style an outfit by choosing the right accessories! Pick a dress with no patterns, simple silhouette, and that is one solid color. Then you accessorize!!! Below is an example :) Last Friday we went to a Bachata concert in a nightclub here in Dallas. Bachata is genre of music that originated in the Dominican Republic. I LOVE IT!!!!! If you have some extra time check this couple out dancing to Bachata, amazing!!!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cehkSxOLNA

Anyway, sorry, back to FASHION! I had this dress in the closet since last Fall! Dress: F21/ Shoes: Aldo/ Accessories (ring, bracelet, belt): F21/ Headband (you guys know I love those!) Nordstrom/ vintage Casio watch. Yes, the dress was short, but I have a Styling Rule: If you show some leg cover the upper body (no cleavage). If you show more upper body cover the lower body. (Balance it out :)

Another way to style the same dress: (I would even add some black tights with the option below)

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend J Don’t forget to comment!