October 16, 2010

Simply Stylist Event

Hi Ladies!!
I am just now arriving home from a short trip to California. I am so excited to tell you guys all about it! This past Wednesday was the Simply Stylist Event where I had an opportunity to mingle with Self-declared fashionistas and aspiring stylists. Also, at the event I had a chance to meet and network with the top tier of stylists and style influencers. The three experts of the evening included Lindsay Albanese, Luke Storey and Monica Rose.  www.lindsayalbanese.com; www.theschoolofstyle.com; www.monicarose.com. I LOVED Monica Rose! She is the stylist for the Kardashian's, Daily 10 Entertainment on E! and many more. She was so sweet, beautiful, humble and I really enjoyed listening to her journey to becoming a celebrity stylist. It really inspired me and motivated me to go after my dream of becoming a personal stylist as well. She was so nice and let my new friend from London, Sheena, (loved her accent!!!! and she was so beautiful!) take a few pics with her!!! Girls, I was so excited, LOL! It was definitely an unforgettable experience, and well worth the trip all the way from Dallas. I hope you enjoy the pics :)


My outfit: Wearing: F21 leather skirt (Remember this fall Leather is IN!)/ F21teal blouse/ Aldo wedges. Oh, and I cannot forget to mention I actually had an opportunity to walk through a REAL showroom where stylists go to pull outfits for their clients, it was AWESOME! I wanted everything for myself lol! I will post more pics from my trip on Tuesday :) Have a great weekend, well what's left of it.