January 12, 2011

Zara Red Hot

Hello Hello!

Hope everyone is doing well this super cold Wednesday, staying warm. Ugh, I hate it!!!! My nose gets red and runny. My fingers and toes freeze. I specially hate getting out of the shower with this cold temperature!!! But enough of the negative thoughts.....Lets move on to Birthday Dress #2. This was definitely RED HOT!!! I was so excited to wear this dress! The silhouette is so feminine and festive! I literally wore the same accessories I wore with the Asos dress (Steve Madden Glittery Heels/ Stud Earrings and Necklace: Aldo/ Bracelet F21) they just went perfect! Dress was another Birthday gift from the Honey :) If you love the dress stop by your local Zara!  Here is the look:
Dress Detail: Large pleats in the front and back of dress.
Dress Detail: Has tabs on the shoulders
Hope you like it! Don't forget to comment, and have blessed rest of the week:)