February 23, 2011

A Spring View

Hola Chicas!

Oh my goodness, talk about the calm after the storm! After all those nasty snowy, cold, icy storms hit Dallas, we have been having some of the best weather!!!! Ya'll probably think this girl is crazy, always obsessing over the weather, lol! But the weather really reflects what I wear. And lately it has been skirts, dresses, flower patterns, pastels....I can go on and on. This past weekend I wore a REALLY old dress from the back of the closet.(I am trying so hard to SAVE money! Ugh, but it is so hard.) It is a cream dress with a sweetheart neckline and a pleated skirt. Shoes are from F21 (Look-alike of the Miu Miu shoes).  I've seen many other bloggers wear them and they are fabulous! The chunky heel definitely was a first for me, but helps out with the comfort level. Check out the look:
Also, if you live in Dallas, today and tomorrow is Girls Night Out! You can purchase your ticket on the site below. They are currently 10 dollars off. If you cannot attend don't worry; I will be there and take pictures to share with you! Have a blessed day and don'f forget to comment!