February 16, 2011

White Out

Hello Ladies,

Happy hump day! Hope everyone had a fabulous Valentines day. Two weekends ago my fiancĂ© and I went to register for the first time! If you are engaged and your wedding is right around the corner, I really recommend you to register at Crate & Barrel. They hold a private Wedding party for you!! You get to have the store all to yourself, free food, drinks, and lots of fun! But that's not all, when you are done registering you get a beautiful gift!  I wont tell you what it is, just in case, you ever decide to do it you can be surprised. All you have to do is visit their site and rsvp.

Obviously, I had to put an outfit together, lol. You know me! I wanted to feel like a bride, and what better way than to be in Winter Whites! Wearing: White Zara Ankle jeans/ White Basic Tank with cream jacket (from previous post)/ Steve Madden black pumps/ and to accentuate the waist a skinny black belt. Check it out:

The sun was in my eyes, lol!
Have a blessed day, and please leave me your comments!