March 30, 2011

Sunny Day Dress

Hola Chicas,

 I don't know what in the world happened, but Saturday it was nice, sunny and toasty outside. Around 7 o'clock it drastically fell like 20 degrees. I stepped outside and it was COLD! Ugh! Luckily, I took outfit pictures of my "Sunny Day Dress" before the weather acted all crazy. Ladies I love this dress, I really recommend it! The fabric is nice and the price is even better! $15.80! F21 has it  available in three colors yellow, magenta, and they call it "orange" but it looks more coral to me. I know what you are thinking, I should have bought the coral... Well I did! lol. Interested? I found it online: Here
I accessorized it with a chunky turquoise ring, turquoise necklace, black belt with a gold heart accent from Zara, and black booties. Check out the look:
Please excuse my chicken nugget toes, lol!

Have a blessed day chicas :)



March 28, 2011

Park Lane Fashion Blogger Day

Hello Ladies,

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. This Saturday I had an exclusive invitation to attend the Fashion Blogger Day at The Shops Park Lane in Dallas. Our host for the day Nicole Luna was amazing! She managed for all the shops we visited to give us goody bags!!! Woohoo! Thank you to Whole Foods, Ulta, Nordstrom's Rack, Gordon Biersch, Freshberry Yogurt, and Aveda Institute for their wonderful hospitality. For those of you  who live in Dallas I really recommend you visit the Park Lane Shops! It is definitely a great place for you and the honey to visit during the weekend.On their blog you can find events going on, coupons and plenty of more info As you know I am getting married soon ( I can't believe it!) and will be moving out with my soon to be hubby. So, when Nichole told me they were opening a Homegoods at the Shops I was more than excited lol! April 10th cannot come any sooner. Lately I have traded in clothes and shoe shopping for house decor shopping. Crate and Barrel and Homegoods are my two favorite stops right now. Well anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics ( I will post outfit details Wednesday):

Thank you Tina for putting this all together :) You are awesome. Have a great week ladies!



March 22, 2011

The MULLET Dress

Hello Lovely Followers,

This past Saturday was my first Bridal Shower. I had the most amazing time! “Life can tend to get hectic, FAST!! But we all have to remember to breathe, slow down and enjoy what we have.” I sat there in my special bridal chair with my mouth full of gum (will explain shortly) took a deep breath and enjoyed the moment. I realized how lucky I was. God has truly blessed me with some awesome friends. For a while I had the (fake) friends that weren’t really friends, if you know what I mean. The ones that give you a smile but turn around and could kill you with their wrongful words. But then I realized I have the choice to decide who I want to surround myself with. What a blessing that was. It was truly empowering! Now I can say that I have done a pretty good job at choosing! Lol. My bridal shower was full of them. I hope you guys don’t mind I share pictures with you J Maybe you can get some inspiration from Teresa, my Maid of Honor’s, creations. I know many of you have a bridal showers in the near future! OMG! She is absolutely amazing!!! She made EVERYTHING!! (Seriously!) The candles, invitations, the napkins, the goody bags, floating pom poms, flower arrangements…..I could sit here and list everything in the shower, hehehe. Thank you Teresa you are truly a blessing!

Now to why I had 50 pieces of GUM in my mouth…. lol. Teresa had a list of questions about my FiancĂ© I had to answer. For every wrong answer I would have to chew a piece of gum. I mean seriously do you know your boyfriends first soccer teams name??? I sure didn’t lol! I ended up with a ten pound gum in my mouth.

This is a Fashion and Style blog! So, now to what I wore: I opted for a MULLET dress! I know that sounds horrible, right! Who would ever want to wear something that has the word mullet in it? BUT I loved it! It made me feel like a bride. It was a cream flowy dress from It was short from the front but long from the back. I paired with gold accessories from, H&M/ BCBG/ and Aldo. Shoes are the glittery pumps from Steve Madden. Check out the pics: 
I fell in love with Kate's Vintage Dress, just fabulous!
Kate, me and Teresa
My Vogue Face with my mom, lol!
The lovely Kate and Lue Wingate. 
Teresa and Julie
Blancgill and Vanessa
My girl Sandra!
Esmeralda and Andriana
Have a fabulous day chicas! 



March 18, 2011

Ivonne Stacy Style's 1st Birthday

Hi Ladies! 

Thank God it is Friday!!! It is actually a special Friday.....Drum roll please..... It is my blogs first birthday! A year ago I was debating if I should even start a blog, what if no one likes my outfits, what if, what it, what if......I then came across blog and she totally inspired me! I figured what the hec, let me try it out! lol. Now I can say that I am so thankful that I did. I've had awesome opportunities, met some wonderful people, and expressed myself through fashion more than I ever could have imagined. But I am mostly thankful for all of you ladies! I really enjoy reading all your comments, and the fact that you take time out your busy day to check out my blog really puts a smile on my face!!! Thank you! Thank You!

Now to the special Blog Birthday Outfit: I opted for this trendy "Nude" color dress from H&M. I love the fact that the sleeves are sheer and you can wear it as a one shoulder, both sleeves, or none at all. Can you believe this dress was only $30! I cannot wait until we get an H&M in Dallas. (Coming Soon!) Mint chandelier earrings are from F21. Special Shout OUT to the shoe brand Jessica Bennett  and one of my close friends Sandra Fajardo for gifting me the shoes :) (Wanna know a little secret: They will be making my wedding shoes!!!!! So excited!!!) The heels I am wearing are called RAVID. They have cute embellishments and a bow at the front. 
Wearing Both Sleeves
Wearing no sleeves
One Sleeve
This is my lovely friend Sandra in the SHOE showroom! 

Hope everyone has a weekend full of love and blessings. (My first bridal shower is tomorrow, SO EXCITED! Can't wait to share with you :) Don't forget to leave me a comment!