March 9, 2011

Corporate Chic

Hello Ladies,

For those of you who work in corporate know how boring our outfits can get! It's a combination of black slacks, black shirt or black slacks with a white shirt. To spice up one of my work outfits I added a pop of color! I found a black and white dress in the back of the closet (you know me trying to cut back on the spending) and I added a bright peach skinny belt.  The belt definitely accentuates your body frame by making your waist appear much smaller. Underneath my dress I wore a black tank top because the dress has an awesome open back. (I can't be showing my goodies at work, lol!) If you go to happy hour after work, or out on a date you could take the tank top off to show off your back. Last but not least to finish the look I wore peachy accessories. Classic black pumps are from Steve Madden. Check out the look:

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