April 6, 2011


Hi Ladies!

This past weekend I did some DAMAGE! Considering I have been trying so, so hard to save money, the plan backfired on Saturday! As you may know I live in Dallas and we don’t have an H&M yet. For now we have a preview store but it is closing this Friday! It should have been called a “Tease” store instead of a “preview” store. Before they take off I wanted to check out there goodies. Gosh!!! I walked out of there with a bag larger then my body, lol!  If you guys are planning to shop soon I recommend buying bright colors, like tangerine or coral. Perfect for Spring! As you know color blocking is huge right now too! So I would go for bright yellows, greens, orange...I can go on and on. Playing with color is huge this season. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. 

Ok, so….You know when you really like something?? For example when you really like a song, you can put it on replay and listen to it all day. Well that is what happened with the jean vest! Lol! I wore it two days in a row; fortunately in my world that is not a crime. For my day of shopping I wore all things from the back of the closet: A light pink frilly skirt, a grey tank, and my jean vest from F21. Wedges are from Aldo. Check it out!

I almost forgot to mention, the necklace! Isn't it cool? I love the drama about it. It definitely can spice up an outfit even if the light pink is such a light color. Necklace is from Macy's. Have a wonderful day ladies! Leave me your thoughts :)