April 1, 2011

Sunny Day Dress Parte Dos

Happy Friday Lovelies, 

I was doing my daily blog reading and one of my favorite bloggers Lily from Bleedforfashion was asked the following question and she answered like this:

"How does it feel or what is your experience when you are walking down the street, dressed the way you dress and knowing that people might be staring? I'm used to people staring at me, although I've never actually had a stranger negatively comment on anything I wear—not to my face anyway. Just remember to keep your head up high and your middle finger higher."

LOVE IT!!!! lol. That made me crack up, and I love the fact that she is bluntly honest! So, to all those girls that look at me all crazy I will have "my head up high and my middle finger higher!" Lol, no I'm just kidding! I just thought some of you ladies would enjoy that :) 

Todays outfit is the same dress from last post but in coral. To make it more corp appropriate I added a little khaki vest to cover the straps. I also paired it with my fringe Aldo heels, and gold and mint green accessories. Hope you like it! 
Don't forget to leave me your thoughts :) Have a weekend full of love and blessings!