May 10, 2011

I do....I do....I do!

Hi Ladies!!!!!

I know! I know! I totally abandoned my blog! But I promise it was for a good reason! I am so excited to share with you a little bit of one of the best days of my life! I married the love of my life on a beautiful beach in Mexico. I could not believe the day had finally come! It was so surreal. As any bride knows you plan, and plan some more for this one day, but when the day finally comes you still cannot believe it. Like any wedding, crap happens and I have some great stories that I will probably share with my children one day. Like how mommy had the worst hair dresser!!! I had to run back to the room to wash out the pounds of hairspray he put in my hair.  Yes, this really happened! I felt like I was wearing a helmet! Thank God for my maid of honor, Teresa!!! She helped me add waves to my pin straight hair! Thank you Teresa!

I had not even walked down the isle and I started crying!!! My dad looked at me and he started crying too!!! Girls, I was a mess! Lol! But as soon as I saw my honey looking at me at the end of the isle I felt like I was floating. I felt this happiness, excitement, butterflies in my stomach, and more unexplainable feelings. It was such an incredible moment. I am definitely sharing very personal moments with you and I hope you enjoy the pictures:

Thank you for stopping by and not forgetting about me ;) Outfit posts coming soon!