June 13, 2011

My Weakness.....

Hola Chicas! 
Arriving soon are these babies!!!
1) Betsey Johnson Maggie Pump: I visualize these with some dark blue skinny jeans and 
a romantic top! (Nordstroms)
2) Qupid Saydie Platform Heels: I visualize these with some
 hight waisted shorts and white T, with some orange, coral and gold accessories. 

3)  Steve Madden Women's Jaidde Open-Toe Pump:
 I visualize these with a flowy flower print dress, and some chunky gold accessories. 

Oh Dear, I went overboard this weekend!!!! But no more shoe shopping for a while...Maybe.....lol!.....Shoes are MY WEAKNESS!!!! So tell me what are your weaknesses??? Is it shoes, clothes, make up???