June 10, 2011

Ruffles and Pain

Happy Friday Lovelies!!!

I took pics of yesterdays outfit, but oh my goodness!!! I had just left the dentist, and I felt like my face was the size of a hot air balloon! Literally. It was torture :( I HATE the dentist. Ugh.... But enough about those bad memories and lets move on to the outfit. The outfit below is what I wore to the office. This whole outfit is OLD, from the back of the closet. The top is a dark purple sheer blouse with an excess of ruffles on the front, and cute frilly sleeves. A flowy colorful skirt with a dark purple waist band. A tanned belt and tanned sandals pulled the look together! I also love these fancy tear drop earrings in teal to add a pop of color.

This weekend have fun with fashion! Wear some color, enjoy the heat and have a fabulous weekend!
I couldn't look at the camera.....Oh Gosh the PAIN!!! 
Ok, just a little smile, because I love you guys! 

Have a blessed weekend! Don't forget to comment!