June 3, 2011

Thrifted Lilac Pleats

Hi Lovelies,

Thank God it is Friday! My weekend begins as soon as I step out of the office!! Can you believe its June already! Time is an illusion. It goes by so so so fast! Except the final five minutes before you get off of work! Especially on a Friday! Geez! 
Tic, toc, tic, toc… The………S…e…..c….o…n…d…..s…….take…..f…..o….r….e….v….e….r! 
You would think I would get the point and find something to do the last minutes of the day, but I don’t. I sit there in agony and WAIT! But when the time comes I run out as if a pack of wolves was behind me ready to bite a chunk of meat off my butt! Ok, I am exaggerating a little.

If you are at work today, may your last minutes fly by!!!

Enjoy the outfit of the day.
Skirt: Thrifted Pleated Lilac Skirt(I have to tell you guys about losing my virginity to the Thrift world.)
Shoes: Aldo
Top: F21
Bracelet and Ring: F21

In case you don’t know! My blog is now: WWW.IVONNESTACYSTYLE.COM
Have a blessed weekend, lovelies.




  1. YAY for awesome thrift findings!! I love the skirt that is such a great find!! the color is perfect and also the length!!! You look like Betty Drapper from Mad men so cute!!!

  2. omg you look gorgeous the skirt is beautiful I love your bangs too stunning!!!

  3. Such a great skirt! TOo cute

    Live Life in


  4. I recently lost my thrifting virginity too... :)

    Your skirt is sooo cute! and I love love those heels. BTW, your bangs are really cute! 

  5. OMG that skirt is absolutely gorgeous!

    -Asia ALA-


  6. very pretty and i love the accessories!



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