August 26, 2011

A Million Miles Per Hour

Hello Dolls,

The weekend is upon us once again. Can you believe it is almost September? I can't! I feel like everything in life is going a million miles per hour. For my readers who just started school again, may you have an awesome school year! I remember those days, lol! I couldn't sleep the night before thinking of my new outfit, seeing my friends, or in college it was more butterflies in my stomach because of the unknown. That is one major difference about high school and college. In high school you know what to expect but in college you really don't know all the three hundred people in your class, you get a random foreign teacher and you cant understand what in the world they are saying.... I speak from experience.....But always remember everything will be okay.

I am over both those chapters in my life and now I have entered the "Buying A Home" chapter! Oh my goodness I never knew buying your little place on earth would be so stressful. Be prepared chicas!

Now to the outfit: The hubby and I went to visit our new house in this 105 degree weather (bad idea). I decided for some pink short shorts from F21, white H&M top with an over-sized bow in the front,  tanned shoes and skinny belt from Aldo. Check out the look:

Count your blessings, stay safe, and have a wonderful weekend.



PS: I know many of you were inspired by my last outfit, which makes me SO HAPPY!!!! Please send me pictures I would LOVE to see what you come up with! Here is another blogger recreating one of my looks. HERE.