October 3, 2011

Casual Look

Hello Lovelies!

 First, I want to say I am so sorry for abandoning you last week! It was just not possible for me to blog :( My life was filled with tears and total chaos! First someone stole my wallet from my desk at work! Can you believe that! Ugh, that was so disappointing and I had to get everything back in order. Oh and they decided to go on a shopping spree with my debit card. I wonder how these people have the courage to cause so much damage, and I wonder if they have any remorse?

Anyway, then I had to coordinate my first major conference at work. Gosh, that just took every bit of energy I had. I am praying everything calms down, and that I have some peace in the next few weeks. But you just never know what life will throw at you.

Outfit of the day: I love this top! I actually found it at a thrift shop for .99 cents. It fits a little over-sized on me, so to balance the look out I wore my skinny white trousers from Zara. Nude heels are from Aldo. The magenta color of the top called for some bright turquoise. So I opted for my Jennifer Miller statement earrings, that I actually wore on my wedding day. Hope you like the casual look.
 Please excuse the eyebrows, lol! I was on my way to get them done. 
May you have a week full of blessings.