November 8, 2011

Heart Warming

Hello to all my beautiful Readers,

Yesterday I was looking through my daily blog roll and read Miss Natty's Beauty Diary. Her post was so heart warming, and it touched me so much that I have to share it with you! Click on the above link and it will take you to her full post. Here are some lessons she took away from her fathers recent passing.
"1) Life is short. You don't really understand how short it is until you lose someone you love.
2) You can't be prepared for death. You will never be prepared. The only thing you can do to prepare yourself is love the ones around you and don't "put-off" spending time with your loved ones for a rainy day. Love your loved ones every day.
3) Don't be selfish. Being selfish isn't good for your inner spirit. In order for your spirit to grow and to be happy from within, you can't be selfish.
4) Don't talk bad about others. If the people around you are talking negative about another person, be the one to change their thinking (to each their own?) or don't comment on the matter.
5) Don't hold grudges. What's the point?
6) Surround yourself with positive energy. Positive energy will motivate you. Negative energy will only bring you down.
7) Love everybody. Yep, everybody. This ties into #4 Don't talk bad about others. It's not right to judge another person for their beliefs, the way they were raised, their personality, the things they like, etc. Everyone is different and you have to be accepting of others. Once you accept others as they are, you'll feel such happiness from within. You are no better than anyone else. Having more money doesn't make you "better".
8) Always appreciate what others do for you. Don't expect anything from anyone ever and you won't be disappointed. When you're not expecting anything, that's when you're really thankful.
9) You were born as dust and you will leave as dust. You won't leave with your money or your expensive things. You can have expensive things, but you have to remain humble. Money isn't everything and vanity isn't everything.
10) Always be optimistic. Never give up, or lose hope. There are open doors for all of us in life.
11) Always attend a funeral/wake if you're able to. It means a lot to the family. I know it may not be an environment you like, because death is something that scares all of us, but I know how comforting it really is to have lots of people around you.
12) When someone you love dies, they are only gone physically. You can talk to them out loud any time you want, and they will listen to you.
13) You will have some days that are good and some that are bad. You can't be strong allof the time, and that is fine.
14) Be happy for what you have, and don't be bitter for what you don't have.
15) Don't be afraid of going to the doctor for a routine check-up."

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Sometimes we just need a little reminder to live life to the fullest, and not let the little things get to us. Thanks for visiting the blog Chicas!