December 15, 2011

Face Paint

Hi Lovelies, 
I've a received a few emails asking me what kind of make up I use, and how I apply it. Unfortunately, I am NOT a professional make up artist and I just apply it however I feel looks best, lol! I do like to watch make up gurus on you-tube for tips and to watch how they apply their make up. When I buy something and I love it, I will use that product until they discontinue it. That always happens, and it is so annoying! I've literally had the same make up routine for years... Anyway enough blabbing here are the products I use.
First, I apply foundation- Cover Girls Clean #555 (I don't use moisturizer because my face gets pretty oily on its own by mid-day.)
Second, I apply concealer under my eyes to cover my dark circles. I also use this to cover any blemishes or those darn pimples! (My concealer is the thick pencil next to my foundation. It's from the Body Shop in shade  08.)
Third, I apply Covergirl's Clean powder in shade #245.
Fourth, I have really short and straight... I mean really straight eyelashes! I curl and curl and curl. Then I add Maybelline's Falsies volume express mascara. I have to wear water proof in order for them to stay curled.
Then I add a little bit of Covergirl's Fard Accent eyeshadow's to add some dimension to my eyes.  
Lastly on the eyes, I add winged eyeliner with Covergirl's liquiline blast eyeliner in Blackfire 410. It is pretty cool! It's a pencil but has the intensity of a liquid liner. 

For blush I use Covergirl's classic color Rose Silk #540.
My FAVORITE lipstick is Revlon's Soft Nude # 070. Love, love this lipstick.
NOW, for only $3 dollars, you can get this awesome Elf Studio bronzer!!!! (I buy it Target.) I am addicted to this stuff! 
I use it to contour and add some highlight to my face. I especially love this product because with a small brush I use the color on the top right and apply it on the bridge of my nose. You know every girl is self conscious about something, right? Well, yep you guessed it, mine is my nose. I have a little bump and with this bronzer I can make it appear smaller. It really works!

Hope this post was informational and answered all your questions about my make up! Thanks for your emails!