April 25, 2011

Officially a Wifey!

Hola Chicas!

My honey and I went down to the justice of the peace and made it official here in the states!! Girls, I looked for s simple white dress everywhere and NO luck. Why is it when you are looking for something you can’t find it?? And as soon as you stop looking you find it! Geez! Now everywhere I go I see cute white dresses. I guess it wasn't meant to be…. I wore one of my favorite tops (from the back of the closet) and a full skirt from Zara. Shoes are from Aldo. Check out the look:  

Have A blessed rest of the week :)



April 21, 2011

Goodbye Single-hood!

Hi Dolls, 
Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! One more week and the big day is HERE!!!! I will be walking down the aisle with the love of my life! I am so so so so (I can go on forever) excited! I do  have to share with you a little of the bachelorette party my sweet friends surprised me with. They are so sweet!!! They took me to the  fancy shmancy Bailey's steak house in Dallas. Absolutely AMAZING. The food melted in my mouth! I walked out of there with a food comma, but it was totally worth it. Thank you Kate, Vanessa and Sandra for the great time!!! 
Now to the fashion: I opted for a girly pink dress from Zara. With my fringe nude Aldo heels. And gold accessories from Aldo and F21. I hope you enjoy the pictures:

Food: Breaded Avocados stuffed with lobster and cheese/ Scalloped potatoes

The Dress:

Have a blessed weekend chicas!



April 18, 2011


Hi Ladies,

Hope everyone had a great weekend! You can't beat the classic black pants! Every girl has a pair of classic black slacks some where in their closet..Right? I am pretty short so I can never buy a pair without having to alter them though. I do have a little secret: if you buy a pair of capri pants they fit like ankle pants!!! lol. Really they are capri pants but they look like ankle pants on me. If you are challenged in the height department give it a try! :) Perfect for the office, interview, or a professional occasion. Top is from H&M, Shoes are Steve Madden, and pants are from Macy's.  Check out the look:
Have a blessed rest of the week :)



April 14, 2011


Hi Ladies!

Ok so you are probably wondering where the hec has this girl been!? Where are her outfit posts?! Well I’ve been brain pooped! Ewww that sounds nasty. But you know what I mean. Wedding + Work + Moving out= HECTIC schedule. I am not complaining though because I wouldn’t change it for anything! Even though I have abandoned my blog.... I will hopefully (crossing my fingers) be back to posting more!

Now to the OUTFIT!!! I had my bridal shower at work a few days ago and I wanted to wear all white, but that didn't work out so well. I opted for a cream blouse from H&M with a tie neckline and, perfect for spring, this awesome skirt from Bebe. It is from last season so I know it is not available at the store but there are plenty of colorful skirts for spring out there. Nude shoes are from Aldo. I really think every girl needs to have a pair of nude heels, sandals, or flats in their shoe closet. You can wear them with anything and it looks fabulous!  I hope you are inspired:

Have a blessed day ladies!!! Don't forget to leave me your comments :) 



April 8, 2011

Discovering The Body Shop

Good morning Dolls,
Happy Friday! A few days ago I had the pleasure of checking out an exclusive spring makeup line for The Body Shop. I usually don’t talk about make up on my blog BUT I have to share this with you. The make-up is wonderful!
“Discover what happens when make-up meets fashion! New from
The Body Shop for spring 2011 comes ‘Brush With Fashion’, a new
cruelty-free, fashion-forward make-up and accessories collection. This
limited-edition collection with built-in brushes, Community Fair Trade
ingredients and covetable packaging was created in collaboration with
the internationally-acclaimed London College of Fashion.
Just as you’d expect from The Body Shop, every make-up product in
the ‘Brush With Fashion’ collection features high-quality naturally derived
ingredients - such as marula oil from Namibia - which are
sourced through The Body Shop unique Community Fair Trade program.
This pioneering fair trade initiative, now celebrating its twenty-third
year, ensures that suppliers are justly rewarded for their skill and
expertise. Sourced from the Owumbo women of Namibia, marula oil is
a very effective moisturizer. Trade with The Body Shop has allowed the
5,000 female entrepreneurs who make the oil to build their own factory,
gaining economic independence and a new-found self-esteem.”
How awesome is that ladies! You aren’t only wearing make up to look fabulous, but you are contributing to the community and giving back. Stop by your local The Body Shop to check it out!!! Oh and the prices are just perfect! You will be surprised!

That is not all! I had the awesome opportunity of getting my make up done by Shalini Vadhera, a celebrity and global makeup artist. She is also the author of “Passport to Beauty: Secrets and Tips from Around the World for Becoming a Global Goddess.” OMG, she was so sweet and gave me amazing beauty tips! I will share with you some products that I am obsessed with that I recommend to you ladies:
1) Limited Edition Hi-Shine Lip Treatment (in a beautiful peachy color)

2) Limited Collection for Eyes- Boho Beauty (Available in 2 color palettes)

3) ******In love with their Concealer!!!! “It’s a range of luxuriously creamy, lightweight, wax-based concealer pencils that blends easily to effectively cover blemishes and conceal redness. Available in a variety of shades to suit most skin tones, and Dermatologically tested.It is the best I’ve ever tried, really. I wish I could send you all a sample, lol! 

Check out the pictures of the event chicas!
Kate from http://fashiondinosaur.com/, Shalini and me
 Thank you to Rebecca Levy-Levitt for inviting us to the event and for the goody bag!!!
 Outfit of the day: F21 skirt/ Zara Blouse/ Steve Madden black heels/ Gold Accessories

Have a fabulous and blessed weekend. 



April 6, 2011


Hi Ladies!

This past weekend I did some DAMAGE! Considering I have been trying so, so hard to save money, the plan backfired on Saturday! As you may know I live in Dallas and we don’t have an H&M yet. For now we have a preview store but it is closing this Friday! It should have been called a “Tease” store instead of a “preview” store. Before they take off I wanted to check out there goodies. Gosh!!! I walked out of there with a bag larger then my body, lol!  If you guys are planning to shop soon I recommend buying bright colors, like tangerine or coral. Perfect for Spring! As you know color blocking is huge right now too! So I would go for bright yellows, greens, orange...I can go on and on. Playing with color is huge this season. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. 

Ok, so….You know when you really like something?? For example when you really like a song, you can put it on replay and listen to it all day. Well that is what happened with the jean vest! Lol! I wore it two days in a row; fortunately in my world that is not a crime. For my day of shopping I wore all things from the back of the closet: A light pink frilly skirt, a grey tank, and my jean vest from F21. Wedges are from Aldo. Check it out!

I almost forgot to mention, the necklace! Isn't it cool? I love the drama about it. It definitely can spice up an outfit even if the light pink is such a light color. Necklace is from Macy's. Have a wonderful day ladies! Leave me your thoughts :)