June 30, 2011

Black + Yellow

Hi Lovelies,

One more day till a three day weekend! Woohoo! Do you guys have your fourth July outfits ready? Will you be rocking the red, white and blue? I definitely will be digging in my closet and see what I come up with! Kaboom Town here I come!

Ok, let me focus...The outfit below I wore to the office sometime last week. I am wearing: Black Blazer from Urban Outfitters, black and white striped skirt from F21, basic yellow tank from F21,  Purse: Vintage, and black heels from Steve Madden. I accessorized with gold and black accessories.

Two women's must haves: a classic black blazer and a striped black and white skirt. Two classics that can easily be interchangeable with existing  pieces in your closet. Check out the outfit:
Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a blessed weekend!

Love you Chicas,


June 27, 2011

Tar-jay Intervention

Ok Dolls,

This weekend I think I went to Target or Tar-jay  (sounds more fancy) like five times! I think I need an intervention, seriously. BUT on one of those trips I found this cute dress for 10 bucks! You can't beat that! My husband just looks at me all crazy! He is like, " Really babe, that dress looks just like another dress you have." Gosh, men will never understand, lol!

Anyway, I paired it with my fringe sky high Aldo wedges, and cinched the waist with a nude skinny belt. Accessorized it with chunky earrings, and a blue beaded bracelet. Gold purse is from Aldo. (Psss....I'll tell you a little secret: Its on sale here!)  Check out the look:
I hope you had a great weekend!
 Have a great week full of blessings. Thank you for visiting me. 



June 23, 2011

Straight Ankle Trousers

Hola Chicas,

Zara calls these pants the "straight ankle trousers." I call them white skinny jeans! I love the cuffed detail at the bottom. I took these pics right after a fun trip to the pool. That is why I look like I made out with the sun.
I am wearing: F21 Silky black top with a black and gold belt/ Steve Madden Heels/ and Zara Pants/ F21 Cream Chandelier Earrings.

It is officially summer! (Trust me we FEEL it here in Texas!) Geez, the scorching heat makes you feel like you are melting. Literally. BUT at least we can rock the summer trends! Coming soon to IvonneStacyStyle will be many of my favorite summer trends: Cropped Tops, Maxi Dress, color blocking, rompers, sandals, wedges.......So excited!

I wore this outfit for a dinner date with my hubby and some friends! Hope you get inspired to dress up sometime this week!

Check out the look:
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June 20, 2011

Looks Like Something From The 80's

Hello Dolls!

Yes, you are at IvonneStacyStyle.com....Don't exit! I needed some change. I love it. I just need a new header, what do you guys think I should do? I need some input. Leave me your thoughts, please.

"Thrifting refers to the act of shopping at a thrift storeflea marketgarage sale, or a shop of a charitable organization, usually with the intent of finding interesting items at a cheap price." (According to Wikipedia) Thriftiness.............Oh gosh....Mine is totally not developed. At first I will not lie I was like what in the world am I doing. Buying used clothes!!! Gross!!! But my lovely friend Katie from http://fashiondinosaur.com/ completely changed my mind! Check out my outfit below: Skirt was two dollars!!!!
The pleated skirt was paired with the matching top! I cannot imagine someone wearing this pattern from head to toe, but hey whatever rocks your boat! I only kept the skirt, lol!

I bought about eight apparel pieces for 18 bucks! Girls, I was so excited! lol. Thrifting celebrates the recycling of formerly-owned items. (That sounds so much better, right?!) I cannot wait to go thrift shopping again! 
 Top: H&M,  Skirt: Looks like something from the 80's, Shoes: Steve Madden, Accessories F21 

 I cinched up the waist to add a little more shape. 
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June 16, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Hi Dolls,

Even though I've been married over a month, I am still adjusting and transitioning into my new life! I had been confound to my small room in my parents house for so long that I never realized how much I love decorating! Now I have a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom lol! So much more room to express my creativity! Oh the possibilities! Anyway, to get to the point, I've been decorating my new home and have been loving every minute of it. I think that is why the outfit posts have been on the back burner. I am more excited to go to Homegoods than I am to go shopping for clothes! I think if you love fashion somewhere intertwined in your heart is interior decorating, lol!

I am obsessed with our accent chair. The bold orange and print definitely make it a statement piece. Color is a great way to add boldness and make a space more interesting and fun. Just like styling clothes! To make a simple outfit pop, simply add color or a statement piece.
I am wearing military green tights from H&M, a simple long T-shirt with a string belt to cinch up the waist, nude Aldo pumps, and gold accessories.
Three tiered gold necklace from F21

And last but not least a little peace of my home sweet home:

Thank you so much for stopping by Chicas! I hope with my outfits you get some inspiration for your personal every day outfits! Leave me your comments, I love to read them :) Have a blessed day!!!



June 13, 2011

My Weakness.....

Hola Chicas! 
Arriving soon are these babies!!!
1) Betsey Johnson Maggie Pump: I visualize these with some dark blue skinny jeans and 
a romantic top! (Nordstroms)
2) Qupid Saydie Platform Heels: I visualize these with some
 hight waisted shorts and white T, with some orange, coral and gold accessories. 

3)  Steve Madden Women's Jaidde Open-Toe Pump:
 I visualize these with a flowy flower print dress, and some chunky gold accessories. 

Oh Dear, I went overboard this weekend!!!! But no more shoe shopping for a while...Maybe.....lol!.....Shoes are MY WEAKNESS!!!! So tell me what are your weaknesses??? Is it shoes, clothes, make up??? 



June 10, 2011

Ruffles and Pain

Happy Friday Lovelies!!!

I took pics of yesterdays outfit, but oh my goodness!!! I had just left the dentist, and I felt like my face was the size of a hot air balloon! Literally. It was torture :( I HATE the dentist. Ugh.... But enough about those bad memories and lets move on to the outfit. The outfit below is what I wore to the office. This whole outfit is OLD, from the back of the closet. The top is a dark purple sheer blouse with an excess of ruffles on the front, and cute frilly sleeves. A flowy colorful skirt with a dark purple waist band. A tanned belt and tanned sandals pulled the look together! I also love these fancy tear drop earrings in teal to add a pop of color.

This weekend have fun with fashion! Wear some color, enjoy the heat and have a fabulous weekend!
I couldn't look at the camera.....Oh Gosh the PAIN!!! 
Ok, just a little smile, because I love you guys! 

Have a blessed weekend! Don't forget to comment!



June 6, 2011


Hola Chicas!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I opted for this casual outfit on Saturday. Really simple and easy to replicate. Yes, I do own flats! I get that question a lot! And every time I wear them is when everyone all of sudden notices and points out how short I am. Yes, people I know I am only 5'3. lol! Wearing F21 jean vest, silk puffy skirt, and a black and white striped bodysuit. Patent leather flats are from Aldo. 
 Have a blessed week! Don't forget to comment.



June 3, 2011

Thrifted Lilac Pleats

Hi Lovelies,

Thank God it is Friday! My weekend begins as soon as I step out of the office!! Can you believe its June already! Time is an illusion. It goes by so so so fast! Except the final five minutes before you get off of work! Especially on a Friday! Geez! 
Tic, toc, tic, toc… The………S…e…..c….o…n…d…..s…….take…..f…..o….r….e….v….e….r! 
You would think I would get the point and find something to do the last minutes of the day, but I don’t. I sit there in agony and WAIT! But when the time comes I run out as if a pack of wolves was behind me ready to bite a chunk of meat off my butt! Ok, I am exaggerating a little.

If you are at work today, may your last minutes fly by!!!

Enjoy the outfit of the day.
Skirt: Thrifted Pleated Lilac Skirt(I have to tell you guys about losing my virginity to the Thrift world.)
Shoes: Aldo
Top: F21
Bracelet and Ring: F21

In case you don’t know! My blog is now: WWW.IVONNESTACYSTYLE.COM
Have a blessed weekend, lovelies.