July 26, 2011

Flower Power

Hola Chicas,

Today's outfit is a simple flower patterned dress. I love simple dresses like this, specially in this HEAT! Oh gosh! don't get me started on this HEAT! With this dress I can feel the breeze.... Even though it's a hot, dry breeze. Add  sky high heels, wedges, or ballerina flats, and you are good to go! I had a special dinner with the hubby so some Aldo nude heels made the look. Oh and I can't forget my light pink feathered earrings from Aldo. Loving all feathered earrings right now. Check it out:
What is up with my pose, lol! 

Have a lovely day full of blessings!



July 21, 2011

Inspired + Plaid

Hola Chicas!

A few days ago I stumbled upon Jennie Mai's blog. She is AWESOME! I love her! I was watching one of her videos and fell in love with the outfit she was rocking! (Check video out here or I posted it below.) I have very similar pieces in my closet so, I was totally inspired to rock the outfit! I am wearing: Zara skirt, Zara Plaid top, Steve Madden heels, F21 military inspired vest with cool gold buttons. Accessories are a combination of vintage and from F21. Check out the look:

I will definitely have more outfits inspired by the lovely Jeannie Mai. She is fab! 
Have a day full of love and blessings!!!



July 18, 2011

Peachy Flores

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend! Mine was too short! I need two more days and I should be good, lol! Oh, how I wish! I've been hitting the gym with one of my friends and she is kicking my butt! Saturday morning I woke up feeling like I had been ran over by a truck a thousand times. I guess pain is good, right? A  day of sore muscles calls for my H&M lose fitted romper. The pattern and light pastel colors definitely help keep me kind of cool in this HEAT! This outfit was just all around comfy! Wedges are from Lulu's and accessories are from Aldo. Check out the look:

May your week be full of love and blessings. Thank you for all your sweet comments and for always visiting the blog!



July 15, 2011

Polka Dots + Glitter + Pleats

Hello Dolls,

Woohoo for Friday! Ok....Ok, so I have more polka dot galore for you today. But when I saw this dress I fell in love with it! It has such a classic silhouette and beautiful pleats. The romantic sheer sleeves add that extra feminine touch. The dress has an accented waistline but I felt like it wasn't too visible, so I grabbed a navy blue ribbon, wrapped it around my waist and made me a ribbon belt.

This dress was perfect to celebrate my husband's birthday! I had a special reservation at Bailey's in Park Lane Dallas, omg! If you live in Dallas you have to go there. Is is absolutely delectable! For this occasion the glitter Steve Madden heels came out the box! Check out the look:
 Extra detail: Love the buttons on the shoulders. 

Have a blessed weekend! Thank you for visiting!!!!



July 12, 2011

Pussy Bow + Romper

Hey Chicas!

I love rompers! I‘ve read a few blogs that despise this particular garment. Well, I am that one blogger swimming against the current because I love them! Besides the fact that they are inconvenient to go potty, I adore them.  I attract to anything with pussy bows and when I saw this romper had that detail I had to have it!  The color block element makes it look like I’m wearing shorts and a top. Check out the look:
Are you a lover or a hater of rompers??? Give me your thoughts! 
Have a blessed rest of the week. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!!!! 



July 8, 2011

Trend of the Moment: Polka Dots

Hola Hermosas,

Been shopping lately? All retailers are carrying the trend of the moment: polka dots. From dresses, skirts, shorts, shirts, bathing suits.....So much merchandise is equipped with the pattern. Obviously polka dots are retro and very vintage but like we all know about the fashion cycle it's a big circle! What goes around comes around, and for now polka dots are IN!

I will definitely be rocking polka dots this summer! (I already have two dresses in line..) Today, I opted for this casual polka dot skirt in navy blue from F21. The top is a soft silk in red with fun ruffles at the front.  Nude wedges and purse are from Aldo.  Check it out Chicas!

Have a blessed day Dolls!! Thank you so much for all your support and sweet comments! Hello and welcome to all my new followers :)



July 5, 2011

Blanco & Rojo

Hello Lovelies!

Hope you guys had a great fourth of July! I spent my day lounging by the pool with the hubby. The water wasn't too cold or too hot, just perfect! I could have spent my whole day there but the hubby was taken over by his grumpy mood because he was hungry, geez! lol! The fourth of July festivities followed. I had to wear these lovely bright red shorts with jagged edges, literally, from Urban Outfitters. Great detail! I paired them with a (must have for every woman) v-neck, white t. I rocked blue accessories, and skin tone wedges from Aldo. To spice up the lips I opted for the classic bright red lips! Check out the look:

Have a great week full of blessings lovelies, thank you for stopping by!