February 2, 2012

Cruising the High Seas

Hello Lovelies, 
Really quick let me thank you all so much for all the sweet comments you leave me. THANK YOU a million times!!! Now, like I promised, I went through all my pictures and chose a few to share with you. Some of you left me comments that you guys will be cruising in the near future too! Well let me show  you and tell you all the fun you will have!!! Oh and please excuse the bad quality of some of the pictures :( I couldn't carry my big Canon around with me- so, I used my old digital camera. 

#1 There is no better ocean view than this.
 #2: Waking up to awesome breakfast buffets.
 #3. From the inside to the outside the boats are just breath taking.
#4. FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (All day, every day.)
 #5. You can dress casual and play dress up.
 #6. It's a party 24/7.
#7. The beautiful water....Gosh, I can stare at it all day!
 #8. You get to go on amazing excursions!
We went to a Mayan City were we had authentic Mayan cuisine, and it was finger licking good! 
We also went mountain biking to Cenotes. Just beautiful! Snorkeling in that crystal clear water was pretty awesome too!
 #9. Drinks Galore! I don't drink but I had the best tasting virgin daiquiris and smoothies!
Hope you enjoyed the picture overload. Outfit posts coming soon!