February 10, 2012

Valentine Outfit Ideas

Happy Friday Lovelies, 

Last night I was brainstorming in my closet on what to wear for Valentines Day. I still haven't decided but I do want to share with you some ideas. Maybe you will be inspired....
#1. Wear RED
 Added my fave scarf as a major pussy bow. The secret to making the bow stay.....Pin the top part of the bow to your blouse or tabs- if it has any.
 #2. You can never go wrong with a little black dress.
 Adding statement accessories adds so much to a simple dress.
 #3. Wear Magenta or Pink
 Adding a statement necklace around the collar is so chic.
 #4. Girly Dress
 I love anything that cinches at the waist. It gives the illusion that you have a tiny waist!
 #5. Wear bold stripes with hot pink.
 You can take the blazer off and show your peek-a-boo!
 #6. Red Stripes
 I would probably wear this outfit with black tights and black heels. 
I know many of you fashionistas have statement necklaces in your accessory collection; so, I had to share this with you! I found these amazing necklace displays at Michael's (also Joanns') for three dollars each! I was SO excited, lol! My bedroom now looks like a little boutique. 
Do you have your Valentines outfit ready or will you be doing some shopping this weekend?