March 21, 2012


Hi Lovelies!

I wore this outfit to Service on Sunday. I  was unaware of how windy it was outside and my skirt was flying all over the place (see funny picture). But that is not the bad part! On the way to service I kept smelling a musty odor. I told my husband what the hec is that smell! I was thinking to myself- oh dear, does my husband stink! So, I preceded to ask him if he had worn deodorant? He looked at me like I was crazy. To make a long story short. It was ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh. This beautiful blouse stank like ba-donka-donk. It smelled terrible. The worst part is that I sat through all service like that. (So embarrassed!) After service hubby and I stopped by Nordstroms Rack to buy a new top. I made sure it didn't smell this time. I know to be safe you should always wash it before you wear it, but I was too impatient. That is what I get. Has this ever happened to you?
 Funny Picture! I promise my butt is not that big, hehehe. 
I found this cute flowy skirt at Old Navy. You know me I am a sucker for girly skirts and you won't believe it is a size zero! Made me feel like I was back in junior high, lol. As of lately I have been noticing the crazy sizing each store carries. I can never buy anything anymore without trying it on.  BEWARE of vanity sizing. H&M and Old Navy I know for sure are guilty of this.  
Remember WASH B4 WEAR! Have a great day chicas!