April 27, 2012

Complementary Pair = Blue+Orange

Hello Lovelies, 

I have so much going on starting today and girls I can't even walk! I started Insanity on Monday, and oh my goodness. I have never felt this level of soreness, ummmm let me see....NEVER! I feel like someone is stepping on my calf muscles!! I kid you not, I can barely walk. Have you ever gotten cramps on your calf muscles? It is the worst! I feel like I have non-stop cramps. I really hope all of this pain is worth it! (God give me strength!)
Moving on....check out today's outfit! 
I love the color blocking in this outfit. Orange and blue are a complementary pair, so I knew they would be perfect colors to put together.
I appreciate you stopping by to visit the blog. My only goal is to inspire you and I hope I am doing just that! 
I pray all of you have a safe and wonderful weekend!