April 25, 2012

El Clasico

Hello Darlings, 

Woohoo~ we are mid week! Let me tell you, I am counting down the days for this weekend to be upon us! 
My husband and I are celebrating our one year wedding anniversary with a little get-a-away!  (Butterflies in my tummy!) 
Enough chit chatting though- lets get to the FASHION! I know many of you have seen the light denim and black leather combo. I feel like it is a classic outfit. You know what I mean? To add even more of a classic touch I opted for bright red smackers, and what I call my ballerina bun. I think anyone can pull this look off! 
Check it out:
 Remember the coral wedges from the last post? Well, here are the black ones. They are surprisingly very comfy and make a statement with the chunky wedge. Oh and they add a lot more height! 
Thank you for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week.