July 23, 2012

Dallas Chic Fest + Style Exchange (Me!)

Hello Lovelies,  

I am so happy to share some exciting news with you! (I have butterflies in my tummy.) This year I will be participating at the Dallas Chic Fest! (Aaahhhhh!, lol.) The 2nd Annual Dallas Chic Fest is coming up on September 8, 2012. Be prepared for an experience of a lifetime where chic is always the theme! Envision stylish fashion at a festival filled with shopping, guest speaker(s) (THIS IS ME!), musical entertainment, complimentary foods, exclusive photographers onsite to snap your fashion styles, exciting giveaways and much more! 
I will have my own little segment called the "Style Exchange," where I will be giving my style tips, talk about the Fall trends, accessorizing, adding pops of color to our wardrobe and so much more! Ladies, if you live in Dallas or are in town I would greatly appreciate your support and  invite you to come out to the fabulous event. I am so honored and excited about this opportunity, so you know I will give my 200%! 

Details: Admission is FREE with registration only.
There is absolutely no cost for admission however online registration is required and you must be 21 years and older to attend. Click here to register. 

Have a wonderful day full of love and blessings,