August 14, 2012

Mixing Patterns

Hola Chicas, 
There is so much going right now. I feel a little overwhelmed sometimes.Dealing with difficult people, work projects, deadlines, personal projects......But yesterday I received a frantic call from my mom saying she and my dad had been in a car accident. My blood just drained to my feet! When I arrived at the scene and I saw that my parents were ok; I felt this major relief overcome me. But it makes me mad that it is only in bad times when you appreciate the important things in life! 
I know this is totally not fashion related but I just wanted to share with you that no matter what is going on in your life- love every day to the fullest, appreciate and be thankful for what you have and all the blessings that surround  you. You never know when it will be gone, forever. 
Aldo: Necklace/ TJ Maxx: Peplum Striped Top/ F21: Polka Dots Skirt/ Aldo: Sandals
 Don't be afraid to play with patterns! Stripes and polka dots look amazing together. Try it! 
Have a wonderful week full of love and blessings!