August 30, 2012

Neon Pinky in the Brain

Dear Chicas, 

Sometimes you just have to wear what you feel, what you love, even if others don't approve.
Confidence can carry you through!
Just thought I put that out there. 
Everywhere we went people stared at me because of my cool little flats from Steve Madden. You ladies know what I am talking about.?.?.That stanky face look. 
They are just shoes people! lol. In fact, they add a neon pink brightness to my day.
So, tell me Chicas...Have you ever got the stanky face from people? 
Check out the look:
Frilly neon pink top: TJ Maxx/ Faux leather skirt: H&M/ Shoes: Steve Madden
Bracelet: H&M/ Watch: Nixon

Oh and I almost forgot!
My inspiration was this outfit I put together on Polyvore:
Have a wonderful weekend full of love and blessings! 



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