September 11, 2012

2012 Dallas Chic Fest

Hello Lovelies, 

Wow, talk about an amazing experience. The Dallas Chic Festival was absolutely amazing. I had the awesome opportunity to talk fashion with some pretty inspirational and God loving women from all over Dallas. I am not going to lie, I was so so so nervous walking up on that stage but once I started there was no turning back. Everyone seemed to enjoy what I had to say, lol! Not only did I get to talk fashion, but I had the wonderful surprise of meeting some of my readers! {Too cool.} Thank you so much for coming out! It means so much to me. I am so so thankful and grateful I was given this opportunity. 
Warning: Picture Overload! 
The Outfit: Asos kelly green dress/ Steve Madden Glitter Heels/ H&M Accessories
In love with this little bow hair piece from H&M. 
A closer look:
With the beautiful host of the festival Kayla Travis. 
Me, Jerome Wiggins- from the Tia & Tamera Show, Becky Williams- Designer of Lola Verde and Kayla Travis the lovely host. It was so nice to meet all of them and really special to share the stage with them.

Above: You see me walking on stage and talking about my favorite trends for this Fall. Also a picture with one of my lovely readers and my parents. Below: Are two of my best friends Kate and my hubby.

Above is a pic of two of my lovely readers, thank you so much for coming out! (Don't forget to email me any ?s) Below is my best friend Teresa. Love her :)
Thank you so much for stopping by and thank you for always leaving me your sweet comments. Thank you Kachelle and Kalisha for the incredible opportunity.                                                                God is great ladies. 



  1. OMG one of my favorite posts thus far Yvonne!  Love all the photos, they are not overload! I love how you shared your special moment with us! If i were in Dallas, i would not have missed it! I like that it looks like you had the chance to style clothes on stage as well, is the rolling rack full of your own clothes? Glad you did so well! XO


  2. Super cute outfit! Wish I had known about this event! Dallas isn't that far from me. What all is involved with the chic festival? I have to speak for the first time in October and I'm totally nervous! lol

    Shasie of Live
    Life in Style

    Check out my interview of Jane By Design Actor Bryan

  3. You look amazing in that dress. Nice pics!

  4. Hello, te ves divina, presiosa muchas felicidaces por tus logros....algun dia visitare Dallas espro conocerte en persona...

  5. Love love love this! you look STUNNING mama!

  6. Thank you so much Girl! 

  7. Hola Mari, muchas gracias! Claro que si! :)

  8. Hi Shasie! 
    Thank you! Dallas Chic Fest was formed in 2010 for entrepreneurs who self create their own line(s) of products from art, fashion and accessories they also had a fashion and guest speakers (me!). My only advise to you is practice, practice, practice!!! You will do great! 

  9. Thank you so so much. I appreciate all your support :) Yes, I chose all my face trends (which I posted today on the blog) and shopped my own closet to show everyone at the fest how to style them. Thank you so much :) Have a wonderful weekend. 

  10. Hi Ivonne, simply stunning.. but I am bit confused how to wear inner wear for support for these backless dresses. Now I can claim I get advise from the bestest of best fashion advisers ;)

  11. Aj thank you so much. There are many options: I would recommend you google backless bras and you will see all the options that are out there. Hope you find one! :) 


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