September 14, 2012

Ivonne Stacy's Trend Report

Hola Chicas, 

I want to share with you my fave trends for Fall 2012. I created these sets on
Hope you enjoy!

#1 PEPLUM. You ladies know I cannot get enough of this particular silhouette. It is feminine, sophisticated, and perfect for any body shape. Adore!
 #2 FULL SKIRTS. What can I say these babies are one of my weaknesses. I literally just bought another one to add to my extensive collection. I love these skirts because it gives the illusion of a tiny or narrow waist. The flare adds volume and shape to your body giving you that hour glass figure.
 #3 POLKA DOTS. Big, medium, small- the dots come in all sizes. This is such a classic pattern that I recommend everyone have at least one piece.You can mix it with other patterns like stripes, florals, even more polka dots for a more contemporary look. Try it!
#4 BLACK FAUX LEATHER. It is so edgy and sexy. I love how a lot of the pieces are intertwined with softer fabrics. For example a black cotton peplum top but the peplum is leather. So chic and cool. There is a range of apparel that you can add to your closet in this faux leather trend from skirts to tops.
 #5 WINTER WHITE. It is such a taboo for you not to wear white after labor day. Who the hec cares! I will definitely be rocking my white and creams this winter. Best part is you probably already have a little white dress or skirt in your closet. Bring it out add some tights, even a pop of color and you are good to go.
 #6 LACE. It's so dainty and beautiful. I really like how the fabrics are also, like leather, being intertwined with other non-textured fabrics. Just like the top below. It is a soft pink fabric but the shoulders have an amazing black lace detail.  It adds character and a feminine touch. Love.
 #7 MILITARY. Every season there is always the masculine designs we have to incorporate and this year it is the military look. I love the details, details, details. Most military inspired pieces have vintage rustic gold buttons, or  tabs on the shoulders or they come in that beautiful forest green color. I cannot wait to rock this trend.
 #8 FLORALS. Usually, when I think of florals I think of Spring. So, I am surprised that this trend has transferred from Spring to Fall. I do love it though. I would recommend rocking some black tights, black heels, putting a little black leather jacket on....Pretty much transfer your pieces to Fall by adding darker colors in the accessories and your layering garments.
Now to my favorite Fall accessorizing/styling tips.....
Rock the bright red lip!
Rock the sock bun. (It is an instant face lift ladies! lol)
When wearing your hair up accessorize with a chunky pair of earrings. So cute. One of my rules is if you wear a larger earring do not wear a statement necklace. Vice versa- if you wear a statement necklace wear a small stud. Balance is definitely  key! 

And last but not least! Don't be afraid of color, especially if you are rocking a monotone outfit. You can add a pop of color with a small accessory like a ring or earrings. You can add color with a cute clutch or even your shoes. 
Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope my fall trend report will help you a little.
What do you think, will you be wearing some of these trends for the Fall?