September 20, 2012

Peplum + Color + Curves!

Hello Lovelies, 

Today I am featuring my lovely friend Teresa. She is rocking one of my favorite trends for this Fall the Peplum Party. Two questions I received a lot at the Dallas Chic Fest was how do I wear peplum or what colors will look good on me since I am plus size??? I am a believer that no matter what size  you are you should wear what makes you feel good. Confidence is really key. The way you carry yourself is 50 percent of an outfit. The other 50 is fit and the way you style it. So, if you love a certain color and are afraid to wear it because you are plus size...PLEASE do not be hesitant. Remember you can incorporate color in shoes, accessories, your clothes, make up....So on and so on. It truly doesn't matter what size you are! Peplum is one of those silhouettes that I feel works for everyone. If you are really thin it adds those desired curves and if you are curvier it accentuates the curves. It can be worn with pretty much anything; skirts, jeans, shorts.... 
 So, I say, lets rock the peplum and pops of color ladies!
Remember accessories are key! I love how Teresa rocked a trendy gold and black statement ring with those awesome art deco earrings. It really finishes up the look perfectly. The color blocking on the skirt is divine. It keeps the eyes moving parallel adding the illusion of height.
The next question is where can you shop for cute, trendy pieces for this Fall if you are plus size? Well I have found three shops that have amazing apparel and are reasonably priced. 
H and M
 Forever 21 
Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you find some of this info helpful. 
If you have any more questions please comment below.

Have a  wonderful weekend!