January 3, 2013

Black Leather Jacket + 2013!

Hello Lovelies,

Happy NEW YEAR!!!!!! May God bless each and every one of you this 2013.
Thank you for visiting the blog today  :)

I received a text from my sister from another mother, lol! She wanted some ideas for cute outfits rocking her new thrifted piece- a lovely leather jacket. A black leather jacket is a staple item in a woman's closet. Every girl should have one. It doesn't necessarily have to be leather, more POWER to the faux leather!
And voila! Here are the outfits I came up with:

Maybe these sets can serve as a little inspiration for you!

Also, don't forget this Monday we launch the first dress {The Birthday Dress} available for you to purchase!!!  I am so excited and I hope you guys are too! Have a great day lovelies.




  1. UrbanjunglefashionJanuary 03, 2013 11:02 AM

    Great outfits!

  2. Love the outfits they look wonderful, have a great 2013 :)

    Check out my fashion blog at www.fashion1psychology.wordpress.comThx :)

  3. Love LOVE LOVE this post !!! I am always looking for new ways to rock my favorite pleather jacket!!! These are defiantly going to go on my must get outfits!!!

  4. Latest Fashion And StyleJanuary 06, 2013 11:21 AM

     I like your all  post but mostly I like your yellow outfit.

  5. So glad you like these posts Jenny :) Thanks!

  6. Thank you Sol!


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