March 22, 2013

Maroon + Navy Blue

Happy Friday!

Ok, you guys ready? (Insert Happy Dance Here)...It's Friday! It's Friday!
You guys are probably wondering- why does this chic love Friday's or the weekend so much???
Well, I can answer that. My husband has a hectic and busy week and we barely see each other. The weekends is OUR time and I love being with him. I am sure many of you can relate..

Now to the fashion!
I've been on the hunt for a skirt this color, and I finally found one. A classic color combo with maroon is navy blue. So, I added this striped top and booties to compliment the look.
Check it out:
 What am I wearing? 
F21 striped top and wedge booties, Boohoo skirt, Aldo Accessories necklace, and Casio Vintage Watch. 
Friday's Food For the Soul:
 Have a wonderful weekend!