April 12, 2013

Spring Fashion Haul

Happy Friday!!! 

{Happy Dance Time!!!......oh yeah....oh yeah......twerk.... ok- that's enough.}

I don't know about you guys but I love Youtube. I love all of the make-up gurus, fashion videos, vlogs (addicted to ItsJudyslife), and I love watching hauls. Only bad thing about hauls is that I feel like going shopping after seeing all the cute dresses, shoes, make up, so on and so on. 
Well I must confess I have Spring fever and I've fallen victim to spring shopping as well. I figured what the hec let me show you dolls what's new in my closet. Well technically some of it were recent purchases and others were end of the season sales, but I've been saving the pieces for Spring. Check them out!
Above: I am obsessed with Lavender lately...I am forecasting this is going to be a huge color for Summer/Spring. Heels: Urbanog.com
Below: You can never go wrong with classic black sandals. These are from a very inspiring Latina who has her own online boutique- FancySteps
Above: Actually purchased this at the end of last season on Asos.com. With the warm weather around the corner, hopefully I can rock this peplum beauty.
Below: SKIRT-MANIA!!!  Top Left-F21. Top Right- Windsor. Bottom Left- F21. Bottom Right- Macy's.
You guys know my addiction...It is no secret.
 Above: This blouse is from F21. I adore the colors and the back is so chic!
Below: Bought this at the end of last summer at Zara. Its been in the closet for a while, so finally it can come out and play!
Above: I needed a solution to all of my little earrings and studs. See, I am not the most organized person- so I would leave them in random places, lose some here and there...Fortunately, the Container Store came to the rescue! I found these awesome acrylic boxes for only 6 bucks! 
Below: How cool is this hand. A little creepy, maybe, but I love it! Found this for my rings at Hobby Lobby. 
I bought two skirts at the thrift store last week. Two for 10 bucks- you cant beat that.

Hope you enjoyed my haul. 
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God bless. Have a wonderful and safe weekend.