April 17, 2013

The Easy and Simple Outfit

Hello Lovelies, 

Happy Hump Day! I know we all have those days where we look into our closets full of clothes- yet have nothing to wear. Well, I have a little solution for those days. I built a little diagram to share with you and hope it helps on those specific "don't have anything to wear days." It is super simple! Top and shoes have to be black and the center is anything; a pop of color, patterns, skirt, jeans, slacks, pretty much anything. Below is  my example of such an outfit:
 What am I wearing?
H&M Scalloped skirt and tank. F21 necklace and earrings. Fancy Steps heels. 
I will have another example of the {Easy Outfit Diagram}on Friday. 
Thank you so much for stopping by and have a great rest of the week.