May 20, 2013

Backless Dress + What Bra...

Happy Monday Lovelies,

Today's new dress at the Stylish Closet is this nude and turquoise peplum dress that is backless. When posting dresses like this, the question I receive all the time is- "Ivonne, what kind of bra do I wear with a backless dress, shirt, romper...?" I will be completely honest with you- I just don't wear a bra.(TMI- I know, but we are all adults here. At least I hope.) I know that once I have kids this wont be possible. At least that is what my girlfriends say- "Nothing is ever the same girl!" Plus I've never heard of anyone defying gravity and we're not getting any younger. Continue reading for some backless bra options I found. 

Victoria’s Secret U-Plunge Backless Push-Up Bra because it’s low enough in front to accommodate sexy, plunging styles and a bare back. 
 Maidenform’s Push Up Combo Wing Bra is a more traditional option that offers more support in the front. If you aren't worrying about a plunging neckline than this is definitely your best bet. This adhesive version comes with two sets of liners so you can wear it over and over again — and it also offers a little push-up.
A benefit of shopping on are the reviews because they can be very helpful. So, on Amazon I searched backless bras and looked for the best rated bra ****(four stars). And voilà! This is the bra that came up: Bundle Monster 3in1 Cup Push Up Bra. Not only does it  have great reviews but it is very affordable. Only $10.99 and it is silicone based.
Have you ladies tried backless bras? If so, let me know your experience or if you have any recommendations. 

Check out the look:
 What am I wearing?
The Stylish Closet Dress. Forever 21 Heels. H&M Accessories.
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