June 28, 2013

Only Two Problems!

Hi Loves, 

First thing that comes to a girls mind when going out on the weekend is- "what in the world am I going to wear!!!" Or actually- a little something like this:
Remember to play dress up ladies.
Mix patterns, colors, and to remix pieces that you absolutely love with unexpected pieces.
When you least expect it you'll create something you feel great in.
This is what happened with this outfit. I really wanted to wear this skirt but was unsure of what to wear it with. I added the teal color on top and bottom, but also added a POP of pink.
Unexpected, but works.
Check it out: 
What am I wearing? 
The Stylish Closet polka dot skirt. Teal Aldo heels. F21 crop top and belt. HandM earrings. 

Friday's Food for Thought:

In case you didn't know about Google Friend Connect- it will no longer be available after July 1st. You can follow my blog and your other favorite bloggers on Bloglovin.

May you have a wonderful and blessed weekend dolls.


Ivonne Stacy.