August 9, 2013

Crop Top Set

Happy Friday!!!

{Time for happy dance!} 
This look has many names....
-Matchy matchy top and bottom
-Printed Co-ordinate Set
-Crop Top Set
Ugh- forget the name! All that I am concerned with is that it's cute and it has pockets.
I love me some pockets.
Check out the look:
 What am I wearing? 
F21 Crop top suit. Anne Michele heels. F21 black and gold belt. HandM stud earrings. Vintage Casio watch. BCBG bracelet.
Friday's Food for Thought: 
Have a wonderful weekend! 


Ivonne Stacy. 


  1. Love it! love the pockets!!! and your makeup! gorgeous! :)

  2. Hey girl!!! Thank you so much, I am so happy you loved it!

    By the way I bought these shoes at that store! I have one of those shoe shops right by my job!!! lol!

  3. great outfit on you and your confidence shows through your smile.


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