March 20, 2014

One Through Six

Hi Dolls, 

#1. I am in desperate need of a haircut. 

#2. I am so ready for the warm weather to wear some cute skirts! Though I am not excited about the crazy allergies. 

#3. This is oh so true. Today my husband's uncle passed away. About three months ago he was diagnosed with stomach and colon cancer. I hope you guys don't mind I ask you for your prayers during this difficult time for his family and loved ones.

#4. Today is officially the first day of SPRING. 

#5: Everyday I fall even more and more in love with my husband.  

#6: Pretty much…..

Thank you for always stopping by and visiting the blog even though no outfit pics have been posted. 

Have a wonderful weekend and talk to you soon! 


Ivonne Stacy. 

All images via Pinterest.