May 30, 2014

Black & White Striped Suit

Buenos dias y feliz Viernes! 

Officially a week from today my family and I are heading to El Salvador. 
My husband is Mexican and his first time visiting ES- so I am excited to show him around my families homeland. 

Will you guys be traveling anywhere this summer? Share with me your upcoming summer adventures in the comments section :)

My mom bought me this little suit for my birthday back in January. I was simply waiting for the warm weather to rock these little short shorts. 
I was debating on what to call the little suit- Beetle Juice Suit, Referee Suit, Jail Inmate Suit, LOL! 
But I opted for, Black and White Striped Suit. It just sounds so much more CHIC. 
Don't you agree? 
The shorts did fit me a little small so I added extra fabric panels on both sides. 
It was a fast and easy fix. 
Anyway, hope you like the look. 
I pray you all have an amazing weekend! 

Ivonne Stacy. 

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May 27, 2014

Camouflage Pants + White-T Outift

Hola Lovelies,

Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend. I definitely did. It was refreshing. 
Now let's talk CAMO.
These jeans were just hanging around in my closet with the tags still on for over seven months. As you can tell from my blog, I don't wear pants too often, it's a rare occasion. 
I visualized wearing these pants with red and white.
A simple white T and the pop of red in the heels was just right. A simple, yet cute look.
Check it out: 
I am wearing: F21 White T, Charlotte Russe red heels, Pac Sun camp pants and Aldo cross body bag. 
I pray you all have an awesome rest of the week. It's a short one! 


Ivonne Stacy.

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May 23, 2014

Kindness: An Admirable Quality

Hey there Lovelies, 

Long time, long time- I know! 
When I read a great prayer I always want to share it so, I figured I would share it with you dolls alongside of this lovely dress
 Read | Jeremiah 9:23-24
The fruit produced in a Spirit-filled life and noted that all the other qualities are expressions of the first one—love (Gal. 5:22-23). Author Ray Stedman explains, “After all, joy is love enjoying itself; peace is love resting; patience is love waiting; kindness is love reacting; goodness is love choosing; faithfulness is love keeping its word; gentleness is love empathizing; and self-control is love resisting temptation.”
 Let’s focus on kindness, which he says is how love reacts. It is revealed in . . .

• Generous thoughts that look for the good first.
• Sensitive words that are spoken to the unruly for discipline and the well-behaved for praise.
• Considerate responses that are made in the face of anger or injustice.
• Intentional actions that benefit others without personal gain.
 Think of your responses over the past week. Might there be any irritation, impatience, or words you wish you could take back?
 Kindness is not something that we put on for certain occasions, like a piece of jewelry; rather, it is an attribute of God’s that He desires to reproduce in us. 
 Take time to bow your head and acknowledge how kind your heavenly Father has been to you. 
 Confess any acts of unkindness, and receive the forgiveness He promises (1 John 1:9). Then ask Him to continue working through the Holy Spirit to develop the fruit of kindness in you. Tell Him you know that is one of the qualities He delights in and you desire it to be evident in you.
Have a great Memorial Day Weekend lovelies and thank you so much for always visiting the blog.

Have a blessed Friday,

Ivonne Stacy.

Dress: F21. Booties: Urbanog. Purse: F21. Watch: Vintage Casio

May 8, 2014


Yep, I am a terrible blogger. I actually have three looks pending but I just haven't found the time to edit. Please forgive me! 

Life has really happened to us, by us- I mean my husband and I. We have a lot, a lot of changes happening in a short amount of time.  Let me explain….

My husband and I moved right outside of Dallas about 3 years ago. We bought a spanking new house for an amazing price! We thought it was the perfect house. Well… three years later and here we are. The drive, TRAFFIC, highway construction, being far from the family- got to us. We decided to test the waters and put our house on the market- just to see what happened. 
WELL- it sold in a day. Yep, one day! 
(This was my reaction, lol!)
We are moving to a temporary home while we house hunt closer to our dream location.
I've been packing the whole house as fast as possible and trying not to go crazy. Key word- TRYING.
Exactly! You don't realize how much crap you have until you move. Wow. I never thought I would say this- but I have too many shoes. Seriously, I need help you guys. 

Anyway, please bear with me while I get my life somewhat in order. 


Ivonne Stacy.