June 27, 2014

El Salvador Travel Diary Part II

Happy Friday Loves,

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the last post from my adventures in El Salvador. Lets continue...
We visited a total of three beaches while in ES. This one is called "El Cuco." For ten bucks they set up three hammocks, two tables and a server who caters to you every desire. Pretty amazing. Below is a compilation of our seafood extravaganza lunch. 
(Above) Delectable shrimp cocktail. 
 (Below) Another shaved ice or Minuta. This one was finger licking good. It had coconut, honey, fruits, and waffle cookies. All... for a whole... 50 cents. 
 We also saw a total of five volcanoes. See the one above, scary!! Volcan de San Miguel.
Yep, plantain heaven! Plantain is a very typical meal in ES. You fry it and eat it with salvadorian cream and black beans. Delicious! Can you believe one whole stalk only cost $2! Each stock had over 20 plantains each. 
 Say hello to my grandmas little Parrot. He was very sweet, liked to dance and eat! 
 Where my Grandma lives the houses are made out of clay. They've lived there their whole lives, so to them it's no different, but for us- it's a culture shock. Being with no ac, the heat is…well I swear my face melted off a few times. It's a whole different world. It really makes you realize what we take for granted here in the States. 
(Above) I had to take a picture of this…. My mom's uncles are Tailors. They make the most amazing trousers. They cut every piece by hand and use these vintage machines. When I say every piece- I mean every little piece that you see on a pair of pants. It was so nice to see them now that I am older. I knew my love for clothing came from somewhere, lol! 
 (Above) Los Planes de Renderos. I was a little car sick looping around the mountain over and over. But once you get to the very top- the view never fails to impress. It's pretty awesome. 
(Below) 1. Another pic of the view. 2. Because it's cooler up there, I had a typical Salvadorian hot chocolate. It tastes so darn good! 3. #Selfie- My whole family :) My two bros, the hubster, nephew, mom and dad.
 (Above) This is a traditional Salvadorian Sandwich. Yep, my dad ate that monster of a sandwich. It was two times bigger than my head. 
(Below) 1. Last beach we visited was beautiful. El Puerto de la Libertad. 2. Our friends Karen and Erika, and my fam.
Hope you guys enjoyed that. 

I am currently at a conference for work in Park City, UT. I will make sure to get some more pretty images to share with you dolls who enjoy to travel like I do. 


Ivonne Stacy.