July 15, 2014

Travel Diary: Park City, UTAH

Hi Loves, 

Like I promised, here are few shots from my trip to Park City, Utah. This was a work trip, but I am so thankful I had the opportunity to go because Utah is breathtaking. The scenery is just beautiful and the cool weather high up in the mountains was just spectacular. 
I stayed at the Stein Eriksen Lodge (not pictured, that (above) was another resort). It was amaze-balls! Here is a pic of my suite. 
My balcony had a jacuzzi with a beautiful view. 
The first night I went down to their tiny city to walk around and experience their food and goodies. 
I came across a Banksy piece of art. If you don't know- he is a UK graffitti artist, political activist, film director and painter. I thought it was so cool to see one of his works, so I was a total tourist and took a pic, lol! 
(1) The little town was adorable. Every building is painted a cute pastel color. (2) I rode a ski lift for the first time too. I was so excited until I realized how high up I was with my legs hanging off the edge. I don't know how these skiers just jump off during the Winter season. (3) I also visited the Canyons and rode on the scenic gondola. I was also SUPER excited until we crossed the canyons and I looked down. OMG. Scary! lol. 
Above- Gondola Ride
Below- Me chillin on the lawn in my Nine West Booties :) It was the perfect weather to rock my little booties.
(1) After riding the ski lift we had to hike down the mountain and we came across this lake. The view was beautiful. (2) And that's me with my handy dandy paddle for whitewater rafting. If you get to whitewater raft at least once, do it! It was so much fun. (3) A scenic view from one of the decks at the Stein Eriksen.
While getting ready for our first corporate dinner a storm rolled in and again the view was just awesome!
 Last but not least a view of UT from the plane. 
Hope  you guys enjoyed a little taste of Utah. If you can visit, I definitely recommend it. 

See you soon, 

Ivonne Stacy.