October 23, 2014

IBIZA, SPAIN {Travel Diary}

Hello there lovelies, 

Do you wanna day dream about laying out on a beautiful beach today? Then keep scrolling!
 A flight from Barcelona to Ibiza was about 25 minutes or not even- maybe less. 
You are up in the air, getting all comfy and then you land. Lol!
 I really loved Ibiza. (See picture above.) You can easily get lost because of all the tiny roads. I don't know how cars drive through these teeny tiny streets. Thank God I didn't drive there, or I would have probably taken out a few tourists. Apparently (we didn't know this) Ibiza is PARTY CENTRAL. Clubbers from all over the world come and get sh**t faced and party for days. The clubs are HUGE and super expensive to get into. There was a party the night we arrived but it was $85 euros to get in- that's about $110 US dollars.  It's called a "Closing Party" because they literally shut down the island and open up till next summer. Their form of hibernation. 

I thought this was ironic considering my husband and I are total poopers. By ten o'clock at night we are in our pajamas ready to go to bed. Fortunately for us- because it was the end of the season there were a lot older people relaxing and enjoying the beaches. 
 This was a door to a flat. Seriously, how cute! (I took this picture just for my mom because she LOVES green and I knew she would appreciate this door.)
 I took these pics outside of our hotel. They had an amazing garden of bright, colorful flowers. 
We stayed in a town called San Antonio. A 20 minute bust ride from there took us directly to the Port of Ibiza. There is a huge castle right in the center of the city. It's amazing to me how old these structures are and how they've held up for so long. 
This castle also overlooks the sea. Below: Sitting on the edge of castle's wall. 
Farmers Market.
Playa Cala Bassa
Our view from the hotel. 
It was my first time seeing these huge rock formations in the middle of the ocean. 
It's picturesque. 
There are so many hues of blue. If the sun is out, the more blue the water becomes. 
Cala Conta Beach
No words. It was mesmerizing. 
Though the water was freezing I decided to take a dip in the Mediterranean sea. I wanted to gracefully, slowly walk into water and instead slipped off a rock and fell right into the water. I scraped my finger and was bleeding!! My husband calls it my Ibiza battle wound. Lol! #clumsylady
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Ivonne Stacy.