October 29, 2014

Madrid, Spain {Travel Diary}

Hello Lovelies,

Let me tell you a little about Madrid. This city is alive!
If you ever add Spain to your list of travels- I more than recommend you visit their Capital- Madrid. 
It was ten o'clock, on a Monday night and people are enjoying their tapas and wine. 
We loved it! 
The city's many historic buildings and squares make this city unforgettable. 
We came across this church, San Jerónimo el Real, right next to the Prado Museum. 
The amount of detail inside these churches is astonishing. 
While we were inside a couple was having a special mass celebrating the 50 years of marriage. 
So sweet. I told my husband for our 50th we should go back to Spain and celebrate!
If you speak spanish.. We call fries- papitas, but in Spain they call them "patatas."
Every restaurant we went to they had the famous- "Patatas Bravas." That's what you see above, potatoes covered with a spicy sauce. They were delicious! 
While exploring this city we also realized how much Spaniards love their ham. There is stores just like this one almost in every corner. Restaurants/ ham shops showcase the pig legs on the ceilings and on their chopping blocks. 
I think this Market was a one of my favorite highlights of our whole trip. (I love to eat!)
There was food and drinks everywhere!
These are different flavored Mojitos. 
Fresh fruit juices. OMG! Amazeballs!
The famous Spanish Paella with chunks of sausage. 
Paella with red wine. (Cost five euros.)
Cheesy pizzas. Yes, I ate one of these too. Don't judge me :) 
Fresh pastas. 
And another pic of a building. You guys, I never get to see such beautiful buildings.
You know that saying…When you give someone something it feels so much better than receiving it. Well it's true. This moment was one of them. My husband has played soccer since he was a child and has been a Real Madrid fan since forever too. He always told me one of his dreams was to go to Santiago Bernabeu stadium and watch his fave team play.  
Never in his wildest dreams did he think we would actually go and sit three rows behind the goal. 
Pretty awesome experience. Real Madrid won by the way, 5-0. 

Anyway, this is it for the Spain posts. I know my blog is a fashion blog…. but there is more to me than just fashion. I like to share my experiences with y'all and also, so that I can look back at the moments the Lord has blessed us with. Thanks so much for visiting the blog and for always supporting me.

Have a wonderful day lovelies!

See you Friday with another #ootd.


Ivonne Stacy.


  1. Awesome pictures!!! i enjoyed seeing pictures from your trip! beautiful places!!! i shall go one day lol i wanna go to just eat lol! im a fatty love food lol glad you both enjoyed your trip!!:)

  2. ok..so i stumbled on your blog by mistake...and i love it, especially the travel dairy.as i love to travel..although not yet travelling as i wish to..but i know some day i would be travelling the whole owrld and blogging about it too. Most especially i love Spain...i so much love food and drinks..so i know Spain is going to be IT for me.


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