December 30, 2015

My Casual Outfit + Maroon

Hello, it's me. 
I was wondering if after all these years.... 
Every time I say hello I want to sing Adele's song. Ugh. 

But anyway, I've had this outfit chillin in the camera card for a while now and it's time you guys saw it. I am wearing my favorite ripped jeans from Cotton On, heels are from I found the gray ones- click here, hat and sweater are F21. 
Maroon is derived from the word Marron used by French for chestnut.
Love the back of this sweater. 
Thank you so much for stopping by. 

I pray for a peaceful goodbye of 2015 and for an awesome 2016 coming our way!

See you guys soon, 

Ivonne Stacy.

PS: Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel! I will have my first video live next week. 

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December 21, 2015

Ivonne Stacy Style YOUTUBE

Hello Lovelies, 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 
I was busy running around like a crazy lady trying to get Christmas shopping done. 
Yep, I am one of those- PROCRASTINATORS. (Insert crying emoji right here.) I tell myself, every year, I won't wait till the last minute and yet here I am again shopping just a few days before Christmas. (Insert crying emoji once again right here.) 

Sooooooo....Let's talk about THIS:
I am officially launching my YOUTUBE CHANNEL :) Yay!
You can find me under: Ivonne Stacy or click on the glittery YT link on the sidebar.

I've always had my readers ask me to launch one but I was always too afraid to do so. 
I know I am not the only one when I say- I feel so weird listening to my own voice. I think to myself, "Wow! Do I really sound like that!" LOL! For real though, please tell me I am not the only one.  
But you know what they say- if it scares you, DO IT.
Well, that's just it. It scares me- so I am DOING IT. 
Plus I have lots of ideas in this crazy head of mine that I would love to share with you guys through video. 

I am so excited and I hope that you join me for the ride.
Don't forget to subscribe and let me know if you have any special requests. 

Love you guys and see you soon with a new #ootd.

Love you so much and thank you for always being so kind and supportive.


Ivonne Stacy.

PS: First video will be live the first week of January :) xoxo!

December 18, 2015

Red and Green Christmas Outfit

Hello Lovelies, 

I know, it's been a long time coming. 
I've been trying to BALANCE LIFE. Find time for my husband, family, fur-baby, blog, videos (Yes, you read correctly, VIDEOS. I will fill you in soon!)....And of course I have a job. It's tough! 
Isn't it crazy how when you are young you crave so badly to be an adult? 
LOL! It's a lot of work and I have to learn to balance it all. 

 Anyway, enough of me rambling, lets talk about this outfit. 
This year we were a little late on our Christmas card pictures so I pulled together an outfit asap. 
This is what I came up with:
Could I be more of a representation of Christmas. 
I actually loved the look more than I thought I would. 
I would share our Christmas card with you lovelies but I just sent them out and I want my family to receive them before I let the internet view them.
You guys understand. 
You know what is super cool about these images? 
My little brother, who is not so little anymore, took them. 
He is so talented! 
AND I am secretly so ecstatic because I now have a professional photographer right at my reach. 
Verses- forcing the husband to do it, lol! 
Poor guy. 
Anyway, click here to see more of my brothers super sweet images.
I will see you sooner than later!
Have a great weekend.

Ivonne Stacy.

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November 12, 2015

Snapchat Question: Interview Outfits

Hi Lovelies, 

About two weeks ago one of my lovely readers Snap-chatted me and asked for some interview outfit inspirations. More specifically she wanted to know what would be appropriate to wear to an interview for a fashion retail store.

When you have a job interview for a retail job you may not need to dress in business attire if you are not applying for a management position.What to wear to a retail interview depends on the type of retailer and the level position you are applying for. In some cases, you'll need to dress professionally. In other cases, business casual attire is appropriate.

Something to REMEMBER: No sneakers, no flip flops, no jeans, no hats or caps, no sweatshirts and no t-shirts. It is common sense I know, but you just never know now a days. 

Here are some outfit ideas I came up with....

Have a wonderful rest of the week and thank you for stopping by. 


Ivonne Stacy.


September 23, 2015

Fall 2015 Outfit Inspirations

Hi Lovelies, 

Thank you so much for stopping by!
How is it even officially FALL? That just blows my mind. I cannot believe it's almost October. 
I used to hate the cold temps. I hate the feeling of being cold, but the older I get the more I am appreciating the season.

 Ok, lets face it, who am I kidding?! 

I just appreciate all the clothes, layers, cute coats, jackets, warm/ deep colors, boots, heels.... lol! 

I was feeling very FALL inspired today and decided to style nine outfits for you guys.
Here ya go:

Let's play the usual game. If you could have one in your closet right at this moment which one would it be? Let me know in the comments below.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.


Ivonne Stacy. 

Check out some things I've been eyeing for Fall myself:

September 4, 2015

Victorian Mirror Make-over

It's FriYAY!
Don't you just love three day weekends?! I definitely do. 

Now lets talk about this quick makeover. 

I've been on the hunt for a Victorian style mirror since I convinced the hubby to let me use the spare room as a vanity room. 
I was driving to my parents house when I spotted this mirror at a Garage sale.
I slowly did a drive by and went to tell my mom all about it. 
She agreed to come with me and see how much the lady would sell it for.
I am glad I did because she was able to get the lady to lower her price to $40.

I taped up the mirror part with gift wrapping paper I had laying around in the garage.
I went to Home Depot and purchased a matte white spray paint. 
And here she is! 
Doesn't it look great? 
I debated whether I should paint it a glossy white or matte white and I am so happy 
I went with the matte. Looks really nice.
A closer look:
Anyway, let me know what you think down in the comments below. 

I pray you all have a wonderful and safe long weekend.


Ivonne Stacy.

September 1, 2015



Happy September. Can you believe it's already September? Oh my goodness!

Life has been nothing less than a crazy adventure. 

For the month of July and beginning of August we had the house in shambles. We painted the whole house, put in new floors, installed blinds, doors, new hardware, removal of popcorn...I could keep going and going. I tried my best to document as much as I could, but it was definitely difficult. 

During this whole process we also received some sad news that my husband's dad has stage four lung cancer. So, you can imagine our happiness over finally finding a home, but then the heart break to hear such terrible news. 

That's just life you know? Sometimes it's happy go lucky, sometimes it's complete chaos or sometimes it's both.

Please pray for him, he starts chemo tomorrow. I know it's going to be a difficult journey. 

For now, here are the before shots of the house. Like I promised :).  

These images were the ones posted on the MLS site when the house was put on the market. 
Please bear with me as I am working on one project at a time.  
It's a long process for me. 
I get a vision and I like to make it come to life.
  If you follow me on Snapchat you've seen some sneak peeks. :)
I've been spending lots of time at Homegoods, TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby. 
 Now that I am looking back at the images myself...WOW. What a transformation. 
It's crazy what paint itself will do. 
I cannot wait to share with you guys. 
I've made it a goal for the month of September to really invest some of my time back to the blog. 
Thank you so much for your patience with me and stay tuned for all the future projects.
I will have a DIY prioject on Friday. Come back and say hello! 


Ivonne Stacy. 

July 14, 2015

Clean Up In Aisle 7!

Hello Lovelies, 

It's been crazy busy lately and this weekend I did not have any extra time to take outfit pics. 
So sorry! 
Plus, I must admit all that is running through my mind lately is this.... 
I kid you not, we've been to Home Depot at least ten times in the past week and once to Lowes. 
I am a Home Depot kinda girl, lol! 
If you follow me on Snapchat, you will know what the hubby and I have been up to. 
I already have some battle wounds. I ran over my own foot with the cart at Home Depot. 
And on Sunday I tripped over a pile of rugs at Homegoods and fell to my knees.
My husband was no help. 
He pretty much laughed at me the whole time. 
"27 year old woman down in aisle 7."
"Clean up in aisle 7"
Oh my goodness. This only happens to me, I swear. 
Anyway, here are some of my inspiration images that I have top-of-mind at the moment. 
All imgaes are via Pinterest.
I did take before images of the house. 
Leave me a comment if you would like to see them. 
Have a great rest of the week!


Ivonne Stacy. 

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