February 27, 2015

Rotan, Honduras {Travel Diary}

Hi Guys!!

In January we took a seven day cruise to the Caribbean. Our destinations were Roatan, Honduras, Belize and Cozumel. We traveled on the Carnival Magic cruise ship. It's a beautiful floating city. 
We've traveled to Cozumel before but it was our first time visiting Honduras and Belize. 
I LOVE to travel to new places, so I was super excited.

{WARNING: Picture Overload} 

First stop...Roatan, Honduras
 Docking Port:
(Above) Roatan's Port. It's a whole bunch of shops and guest services.
(Below)View of Mahogany Beach from the cruise ship.
 Round trip on the chair lifts per person is $12.
The views are spectacular and totally worth the twelve bucks. 
We usually don't buy excursions on the ship because you pay a premium price. When we got off the boat we walked towards the guest services and there they were offering round trip transportation and access to Bananarama Beach Resort for $22 per person.
 About a 45 minute drive from Mahogany Bay is West Bay Beach were the resort is located. The bus drops you off on the side of the road and you walk towards the ocean.....Then you see this beauty. The clear turquoise blue water is hypnotizing. 
(Above) We arrived at the beach before the swarm of tourists arrived. In case you were wondering about my  people-free pictures.
(Below) That is an actual tiki boat/ bar. They pulled up to the beach and people could either swim up to it or they would pick you up on a jet ski. Pretty cool.
 We spent the whole day enjoying West Bay Beach. Once we were back on the boat there was an amazing sunset waiting for us.
Carnival is known for their towel creations. Here are just a few I wanted to share with you. 
FOOD!!!! My husband and I are huge foodies. We love to eat at different places and try new cuisines. Here's just a few of our dinners on the ship. Steak, lobster, pasta, shrimp.....
In our cabin we had a ocean view. If you look closely on the left side there is a small sign.
 Guess what it says??? 
And you know me, I had to be a rebel...Not only did  I sit there, but I also took a picture, lol!
I am snowed in today, so I figured I would work on this post. I hope you guys enjoyed it and maybe inspires you to go on your own adventures too. 
Oh and before I forget...The people from Roatan are wonderful. Everyone was so kind and helpful. The children working on the beach stole our hearts. We tried our best to help out as many as we could. God bless them. 

Have a wonderful weekend. 


Ivonne Stacy.