March 18, 2015

BELIZE {Travel Diary}

Beautiful BELIZE!
Don't worry if you don't speak Spanish because their official language is English. They also speak Belizean Creole and obviously, Spanish too. 
I didn't know this until we parked in the middle of the ocean, but Belize does not have a port. 
There waters are too shallow for the large cruise ships, so they park off the coast of Belize.Tender boats pick you up from the cruise ship and take you to Belize. Then from Belize bring you back to the cruise ship. The ride each way is about twenty minutes. 
Tender boat parking station. 
The souvenirs in Belize are NOT cheap. It's actually pretty pricey. If you want to buy souvenirs- wait till you get to Mexico. It was the cheapest of all three destinations. 
When we arrived on Belize land, we asked around for an affordable excursion. We opted for a round trip to Goff's Caye with a guided snorkeling trip and all you can drink Rum Punch- $40. (I don't drink but my Dad enjoyed it :) Goff's Caye is an unspoiled little island, only 1.2 acres. You can walk from one side to another in a few minutes. 
The sea was a little rough that day, so snorkeling was not the best. 
I will say that the water was beautiful. You can simply layout and stare at it all day. 
For $12 bucks you get two lobster tails, arroz moro (rice with black beans), corn and some lime. OMG! That is the best lobster I have ever had in my life. I am not a huge fan of lobster because the texture is so chewy, but this was so GOOD. Fresh and not even close to being chewy. 
My bathing suit is from Target.
My sunglasses are Ray Ban and my dress is from Agaci. You guys know I love a good bargain! I found this dress for only three dollars. Woot woot!
And that my friends was Belize. 

Have you guys visited Belize before? Let me know in the comments :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 


Ivonne Stacy. 

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  1. I love these kinds of posts!
    they are beautiful! love that dress!!
    eveything is beautiful there. Blessings!!


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